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  1. Look in he new edition of Avanti Magazine in the classifieds...there's an ad for reproduction center caps like that bur without the "25th Anniversary" markings. You might check into using those and having the additional script lasered into them.
  2. Yes...that would have been a leftover body from the Studebaker contract...supposedly there were about one hundred fifty leftover bodies. If you look inside your front fender wells you should be able to see the fiberglass filler piece in the wheel arch.
  3. Contact Myer's Studebaker or Nostalgic Motors. I would think they can help you.
  4. Gunslinger

    Avanti Ad!

    Avanti Motors...in an article in Esquire Magazine if I remember correctly.
  5. Gunslinger

    Avanti Talk!

    It made sense for Bob Morrison to be agreeable...he was stuck with something like 150 Avanti bodies after Studebaker cancelled the contract when Avanti production was stopped. It was all upside for Morrison as otherwise he was stuck with otherwise unsellable product taking up space and a loss in the accounting ledger.
  6. Gunslinger

    Avanti Talk!

    Nate Altman and the President of the local bank...I can't remember the bank President's name but I think it was the First Source Bank. I'm outta town right now and can't look it up for sure. if I'm wrong on that then it may have between Nate and Bob Morrison of Molded Fiberglass.
  7. Besides the above there was also the fact that advertising the Avanti II as being equipped as standard with a Corvette Stingray engine...even the base 300 hp 327 was a promotional plus that other engines wouldn't be able to match...other than possibly the Ford 289 HiPo which would have required engineering changes Avanti Motors probably couldn't afford and needn't afford.
  8. Look at the corners of the windshield and more likely the door seals.
  9. Give Mike Myer a call at Myer's Studebaker. He makes an adapter plate and can answer all your questions on the install.
  10. Yep...I do not take part in the Book of Faces. My attitude is that anyone who matters to me knows how to contact me...those who don't, don't matter.
  11. That's pretty much normal for a '63. Beginning with the '64 model year Studebaker made some changes...they added an additional vent in the cowl with an inlet directing cooling air to that area to address the issue. Even then the result was only partly successful. Studebaker even designed a transparent cover for the quadrant to act as an insulator but I don't know if anyone has ever actually seen one of those installed.
  12. Avanti didn't have to engineer the Avanti for the Chebbie small-block...Studebaker had already done that for the '65-'66 Studebaker's. The only issues were whatever body clearances were necessary for the installation. It's commonly known Nate Altman didn't like the forward rake anyway...some additional body insulators and the fiberglass fill over the wheel arches took care of that. Other engines possibly could have been made to slip under the hood but that would have required a much higher investment of finances in place of the already engineered small block engine...plus the idea of using Corvette engines gave it a minimum performance level above what most other engines could've provided per dollar spent. My understanding was the Ford small block V8 would have been problematic as the oil sump was set up opposite the Chevy and Studebaker design...much redesign would likely have been necessary for such an installation...plus the parts for the switch from Studebaker to GM for the PowerShift transmission were already available. It may have been possible for an easy transmission use with the Ford engine as Ford also used Borg Warner trannies. In the end it probably came down to finances more than anything else...why rock the boat when the engineering was already done plus the marketing value using a Corvette engine?
  13. Just my opinion...but I don't care about authenticity for the Avanti II. There were so many individual changes and custom modifications to those cars specified by buyers and the factory few will know what is and isn't original or authentic. Mods for some Avanti II cars were a blessing compared to how some left the factory with truly ugly colors and interiors. My wife said the '70s weren't known as the "tasteless decade" without reason.
  14. I can't say for sure about a '78 but I think it would have been black which is what the engine would have come with from GM. I had a '78 Corvette L82 and it came with a black air cleaner cover though chrome covers were and are available from the aftermarket. In the smog and increased safety regulations era I can't see any car maker adding any more expense than necessary.
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