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  1. Was that one the custom Avanti JJ Caffaro had made for his wife?
  2. When Steve Blake purchased the company there were some styling changes that included the body color impact absorbing bumpers and the rectangular headlights. They began in the '84 body year I believe. The rectangular headlights stayed through the end of production for the 1991 model year.
  3. I got the valve covers from Ansen valve covers...they laser engraved the Avanti script onto the covers.
  4. This is what I had done to the '70 Avanti I owned...https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/bblum/bblum210911.html. Go to a speed shop and talk with them and see what they can do for you.
  5. You'll need a transmission adapter plate...they're custom made and sold by a few of the vendors who specialize in Studebaker's and Avantis. Mike Myer at Myer's Studebaker sells an exceptional adapter...there's at least one other excellent one from Fairborne Studebaker. You'll also need a different starter and I'm pretty sure have your transmission shaft modified. You might consider a new driveshaft made of aluminum...less unsprung weight and less rotating mass and will help with performance. If you call and talk to Mike Myer he can fill you in on everything related to doing the swap and answer any questions.
  6. It was during the 1977 model year that Avanti Motors ran out of original Avanti frames and began using lighter gauge frames from the Lark series with stiffeners added where necessary as well as the "X" welded into it as the original frame had. Avantis RQB2596 and RQB2599 received the new frames at first then the new frame was used continuously beginning with RQB2607. Cars weren't always built in numerical order so that explains why there are gaps in where the new frames were used.
  7. If you look at early Avanti II sales literature the "II" has the long line at the top...so that is the best indication how it was intended by Nate Altman. Later company sales brochures reinforces that.
  8. I will take a SWAG and say false. I would think the different fan would be part of the R3 HiPo package.
  9. I believe the answer is true when discussing the standard manual steering. The optional quick steering was 3 1/2 turns I believe.
  10. Nate Altman used the "II" emblem to differentiate the Avanti II from the Studebaker car and the at the time its poor legacy. They used the Lark emblem because they already had plenty of them and it was cheaper than designing and having a better matching emblem made. It made economic sense if not aesthetic sense...getting Avanti Motors off the ground was a close-run thing...it almost didn't happen and saving wherever they could helped make the difference.
  11. Summit Racing or Jegs should get you a Flaming River steering column...they also carry Ididit steering columns as well. Compare the two and see which might be best for you.
  12. I will say true. Since the first Avanti II used an engine from a wrecked Corvette it would not (or could not) have used the Studebaker ignition shielding. If the Corvette shielding was still present they may have used that but they were more interested in proof of concept they could build a viable car and not the little niceties such as ignition shielding.
  13. I'm guessing it's when the move to Youngstown occured.
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