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  1. I can't say for sure about a '78 but I think it would have been black which is what the engine would have come with from GM. I had a '78 Corvette L82 and it came with a black air cleaner cover though chrome covers were and are available from the aftermarket. In the smog and increased safety regulations era I can't see any car maker adding any more expense than necessary.
  2. The Granatellis were super sharp mechanics and had an intuitive sense of engineering and what works and what doesn't...and Andy also was a master at stretching the rules and even crossing the line without being caught to get what he wanted to win or get added publicity. Basically...Egbert said to Andy the results he wanted and Andy provided them as long as Egbert didn't ask too many questions how it was accomplished. I think that's referred to today as "plausible deniability".
  3. I would say false...the padded interior was standard...part of Studebaker's desire to promote the car as the safest car on the road..
  4. I'm guessing the first owner was Rodger Ward.
  5. 10.25:1 I believe. It was the base Corvette 327/300 hp engine. The 327/350 would have been higher.
  6. The '70 I recently sold had an identical button in the same place. It wasn't connected to anything and I never did know what it was supposed to do. At first I thought it might be for the electric trunk release but mine had a different button for that.
  7. I'm thinking your carpet is a replacement. The only solid color Studebaker used was black...after a certain point all Avantis came only with black carpeting.
  8. You need the hands of a sex-year old to reach behind the dash and remove the gauge but it can be done. I believe the shop manual gives instructions for removing gauges individually. HINT: Disconnect the battery under the hood before doing anything behind the dash.
  9. At the time the Avanti was being built some states didn't require outside rear view mirrors...some only required a drivers side mirror. It was easier to leave it up to the local dealers to install the mirror and it also was less likely for damage to occur during shipping without the mirrors installed. While the seatbelts were standard equipment, they were also dealer installed. Seat belts were probably a delete option.
  10. I've no idea. It's possible they all get the material from the same vendor.
  11. The problem with a year by year breakdown is there's not a lot of consistency with Avanti II cars. Avanti Motors would buy something like a six month supply of engines to get a quantity discount. That means an Avanti built in one year might have an engine built the prior year to a different set of horsepower and torque ratings...different from what a spec sheet might say. There was also possibly no guarantee or even any intention of pulling an engine from inventory in any order related to when it was received like a grocery store wanting to keep items properly rotated. It was also not unknown for Avanti Motors to retitle an unsold car from a previous year to a later year.
  12. It could be part of the fabrication process or done that way to keep them from spinning against the vinyl covering of the door panel.
  13. The best source for such information is probably right here on the AOAI Forum and God knows we make enough errors. Avanti Motors, while they certainly built a good and unique product did many things in an unrecorded way...or at least many records that might have pertinent information have thus far escaped discovery. A lot of information out there is presumption and verbal, having been told so many times it may have little to do with its origins.
  14. Do you want a pre-cut trunk carpet kit or simply the bulk material? Kits are available from several vendors.
  15. That's been sold. Sorry...I should have marked it as sold.
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