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  1. One of the reasons Avanti Motors went under in the '80s and early '90s was the fact they did not have a dedicated and proprietary chassis. They were at the mercy of GM...whenever GM made a model change to the platform a complete redesign of the Avanti body was required. I remember reading (maybe in the AOAI magazine?) an article by the guy who was responsible for redesigning just the door and its internals for Avanti each time a new chassis was sourced. The effort was not small for the doors alone...it must have been an incredible and expensive undertaking for the entire body to be redesigned while retaining the classic Avanti shape. For such a low production vehicle it had to have added a lot of money to the MSRP to be able to amortize those costs across such few vehicles. Eventually sales suffered as buyers wouldn't pay the prices needed to maintain profitability. There were far more problems with the company but constant redesigns had an effect.
  2. False. My '02 has it on the left side. You can take a look at the 2005 Avanti for sale on eBay right now and the gas filler is clearly on the right side. My guess would be Avanti Motors located it on whichever side the TransAm or Mustang platform had the filler located on the tank.
  3. I don't believe such an animal exists. I've never seen anything official published beyond the Studebaker Avanti shop and parts manuals. Everything since we're on our own on. For the engine a shop manual for that year 305 is about the best you can do.
  4. The backup lenses have been spoken for already. I'll be in touch about the rest.
  5. That may be a Studebaker engine but it's not an Avanti engine. It decodes to a 1955 or 1956 259 CI engine made in Los Angeles.
  6. This is a good used, driver quality front bumper ends. They can be re-chromed for show if desired or used as-is. $300 for the pair shipped. A/C temp switch...I believe NOS but am not sure. $30 shipped. Sold. This is an unused rear defogger fan assembly and grill for Avanti II cars. $100 shipped. Sold pending funds. NOS Avanti trunk release mechanism. $55 shipped. NOS cables for dash levers for vents, etc. $75 shipped. Sold pending funds. NOS Avanti script. $30 shipped. Sold. Unused Avanti license plate frames. $25 for the pair shipped. Sold pending funds. NOS electric trunk release assembly (does not include switch under dash). $225 shipped. NOS flasher kit used on Avanti II cars until about 1971. $35 shipped. Sold pending funds. Rear brake shoes for 1963 through 1971 Avantis and other Studebaker's with factory front disc brakes. $65 shipped. As-new reproduction Avanti USAC banner. $50 shipped. Sold pending funds. New NAPA Echlin brake light switch for Avantis and other Studebakers. $10 shipped. Fiberglass Avanti promotional trays. $55 each or $95 for the pair shipped.
  7. Since I've sold my '70 Avanti and plan on selling my 2002 Avanti I have a lot of parts I've saved over the years to sell off. I'll be listing them as I can unpack them and see what I have...I've already run into parts I have no memory of buying or where I may have gotten them from. Many are NOS or excellent used. I'll be posting them on the SDC website so the first person who contact me from either site by stating "I'll take it" and a personal message gets it. New parts manual and shop manual. I believe these are reprints. $80 shipped. This is a custom Avanti car cover by Covercraft...it's never been out of its bag. $225 shipped. Here is a pair of NOS headlight glass for 1964 and newer Avantis in original Studebaker boxes. $325 shipped. Here is a pair of NOS headlight chrome surrounds (one in pic). $325 shipped. Sold. A pair of NOS headlight dishes for 1964 and up Avantis. $300 shipped. Sold. Headlight frame and glass seals. $50 shipped. NOS or reproduction (don't know which) front turn signal housings, lenses and wires for 1964 and up. $250 shipped. Sold pending funds. Front turn signal lenses for '64 and up. $30 shipped. Sold. NOS backup light lenses. $65 shipped. Sold pending funds. NOS tail light lenses for Avantis through at least 1985. $125 shipped. Sold pending funds. Reproduction square headlight lenses made of plastic. These are good for daily use and save glass lenses for shows. No flaw in the one lens...just in the photo. $65 shipped. Sold. NOS light lens and surround for dome light or under dash courtesy light. $35 shipped. Good condition Avanti coat hooks. $15 shipped.
  8. I think by the time you obtain the adapters and a Mopar or any other intake you'll find there's insufficient hood clearance for the conversion. It may take some really creative air cleaner changes to accomplish it with the stock hoodline. There are some reproduction intakes out there cast in aluminum though they usually require some modifying as they weren't made as close as one would like. The only thing you'll gain is the loss of some weight (not a bad thing) but there won't be any performance gains.
  9. 70 series tires of that size require a six inch wide rim. The stock Avanti wheel is five inches wide. A six inch rim should still fit ok if the offset is ok. If the coil springs have been replaced the spacers may have been left out resulting in the too low front end.
  10. It looks like the Turner Disc Brake conversion...a very popular conversion on Avantis and other Studebaker's of the era. It replaces the original Dunlop/Bendix system which, while effective, is somewhat expensive and difficult to find modern parts for. The Turner conversion...depending on when it was done...should have 1968-'69 Ford rotors with Chevy S-10 calipers and disc pads. It's a very proven system. The tube control arms are definitely aftermarket...I've no idea where they might have been sourced. The wheel rubbing could possibly be from a too wide rim or possibly wrong offset to the rims. Those are definitely wider tires than original so wider rims have probably been installed. BTW...nice Avanti! Welcome to the AOAI.
  11. It looks like you should replace the cable and end. If there's a buildup of resistance from age in the cable or from a dirty cable connection on the battery weird things can happen. I'd start with a new cable and end and have the system checked to make sure the voltage is in the proper range and not charging too high. Make sure all connections are solid and secure. Spraying some wire dryer on the battery connection and the engine block or frame connection will help keep corrosion form occurring.
  12. The first production Avanti...it led the way and defined the design. The last...while historically significant in its own right and with the R3 engine and more refined details would be second. Egbert's Avanti is certainly significant but was a production mule prior to his purchasing it so it, like the first prototype, isn't truly representative of the breed before sale. What makes Egbert's car so special is that it was his. That makes it significant to Avanti aficionados but few others would care outside of its financial value. Still...any of the four mentioned carry value and significance more than the average Avanti.
  13. I had it wrong...according to the documents I have it was during late 1975 when the change to the parking brake lever was made...at car RQB2263. It was a Willys parking brake lever and at RQB2325 in 1976 they changed to a Corvette lever. Why RQB2123 in 1974 has such a parking brake arrangement I can't explain. Maybe it was a test mule for the new arrangement and Avanti Motors ran the line out of original parts while tooling changes were made and parts were sourced.
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