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  1. I think the speakers are a 5" or 6" diameter screw-hole to the opposite. Whatever they are you can find most any aftermarket speaker grille that diameter and use them. If you buy new speaker kits the correct diameter they usually come with new grilles.
  2. Contact Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors (1-800-AVANTI-1)...he bought out all the leftover inventory from Avanti Motors when they moved from South Bend to Youngstown in the late '80s. He would probably have them before anyone else. If he doesn't, you can simply buy aftermarket and paint them to match.
  3. There are some good aftermarket distributors available but whatever you do...avoid one made offshore. They simply do not last.
  4. Congrats! One of the worst things about older cars is undoing what past owners have done before you can actually do something that improves the car.
  5. Contact Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors (248-349-4884). When Avanti Motors moved from South Bend to Youngstown in the later 1980s Dan bought all of the company's inventory of parts. If anyone has a NOS wiring harness Dan will.
  6. A prime problem to look for is bad grounds...the bane of fiberglass cars. You can use a test light with will tell you whether the light sockets are working properly. Did you check and see whether the bulbs themselves are good and not burned out?
  7. From RQA0057 to RQA0257 ('66-'68) Avantis IIs were equipped with Holley carburetors...if the one in question still has its original carb.
  8. Does your Avanti have the hatch in the rear window package shelf? If so, you need a flashlight and long, flat blade screwdriver. Look in the trunk with the light and there should be a hole in the locking mechanism that you insert the screwdriver and turn it...that will unlatch the lock. If you don't have the hatch...you're pretty much outta luck as far as I know...or if the trunk is full of stuff. Do like many, if not most Avanti owners do...just let the trunk rest on the body and don't lock it...you avoid the problem altogether. Your rear view mirror is fine where it's at. Studeba
  9. That's it! It was the first Avanti to delete the body tag.
  10. That's it! Avanti Motors first used a handle from Willy's before switching to a C3 Corvette handle after several dozen Avantis were equipped with the Willy's brake handle.
  11. Nope. It's missing something all previous Avantis came equipped with.
  12. What is significant about RQ-B1516 that sets it apart from all previous Avantis?
  13. At RQ-B2263, Avanti Motors changed from the original under-dash parking brake pull-handle to one mounted in the former console. From where did Avanti Motors initially source the new handle from?
  14. You're right about the 361 being a "B" block...I was thinking of the 318 Poly engine.
  15. My Charger had a 383 4-barrel/4-speed. The access panel is easy to miss it as it might well have been covered up with either road slop or undercoating. Maybe the '66 didn't have it..don't know.
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