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  1. As already noted, the fiberglass is probably delaminating or whatever occurs when it comes apart with age and vibration or the hood has been dropped to close rather than lowered and pushed shut at the latch pins. They're a good place to check as well. The hinges themselves are pretty substantial. A good fiberglass man should be able to repair it.
  2. If I remember correctly it was the washer tubing causing it. There was a change in tubing to eliminate the problem.
  3. On the '70 I owned I purchased off eBay an unused, still in the wrapper space saver spare from a Jeep that worked...fit the tire well with room to spare for storing other items. It cost me a princely $30 including shipping.
  4. He used to have a 2003 (I believe) Avanti that one of our members on the west coast purchased from him.
  5. Check in Avanti Magazine or Turning Wheels...I believe there's a vendor who sells stainless steel replacement cables. Take care of it now before yours does break...it's not if but when after so many years. Some have said speedometer cable lube works well but replacing it is best.
  6. Most likely is the tach sending unit is bad. There's two kinds...look under the driver side of the dash and you should be able to see the sending unit attached the the steering column bracket. The early type is a round, flat can and the second a smaller, square plastic case...both types have wiring going in a out. Whichever type you have can be rebuilt or replaced. Look in either Avanti Magazine or Turning Wheels and you'll find vendors who have either rebuilding services or sell modern replacements. As far as the clock goes...that's normal for it to not be working after so many years. A good clock shop should be able to clean and repair whatever it needs.
  7. There was just an article in the Washington Post regarding Teslas and some other electric cars and how they prioritize their designs. It seems Tesla designers push the envelope on battery technology and prioritize performance over durability and longevity....their batteries don't have a long life and performance degrades faster than other designs which don't have the range of a Tesla but battery life and recharge performance is better. Owners have reported their Teslas start losing runtime and range fairly quickly and require battery replacement more often than expected. Teslas have also reportedly run the risks of fires far more often than other makes. The article does highlight how there's no free lunch...to get something (range and performance) you have to give up something (durability and battery life). Link to the story...Tesla article
  8. Since it's been so long for the supercharger being rebuilt...however that term is defined...it should be disassembled again and gone through. The planetary balls should be mic'd for consistency in size and to make sure the surfaces are smooth and not pitted. Once reassembled non-synthetic transmission or supercharger fluid should be used...synthetic is actually not good for such designs as the planetary balls will tend to get scuffed from too good lubrication causing them to slide rather than roll. Also...the rear axle bearings should be repacked. That's a manual job and the shop manual gives instructions. If you don't already have copies of the parts and shop manuals...get them...they're more than worth the cost. A complete flush and fill of the cooling system is recommended. Before filling with fresh coolant pressure test the system and the cap also. New hoses should be in order as well. Any other issues that come up feel free to ask here. Welcome to the world of Avantis...one of the most unique, beautiful and frustrating automobiles to own.
  9. False...I've seen that car and took pics of it.
  10. LG4 has a single snorkel air cleaner...the L69 has a dual snorkel.
  11. Look in he new edition of Avanti Magazine in the classifieds...there's an ad for reproduction center caps like that bur without the "25th Anniversary" markings. You might check into using those and having the additional script lasered into them.
  12. Yes...that would have been a leftover body from the Studebaker contract...supposedly there were about one hundred fifty leftover bodies. If you look inside your front fender wells you should be able to see the fiberglass filler piece in the wheel arch.
  13. Contact Myer's Studebaker or Nostalgic Motors. I would think they can help you.
  14. Gunslinger

    Avanti Ad!

    Avanti Motors...in an article in Esquire Magazine if I remember correctly.
  15. Gunslinger

    Avanti Talk!

    It made sense for Bob Morrison to be agreeable...he was stuck with something like 150 Avanti bodies after Studebaker cancelled the contract when Avanti production was stopped. It was all upside for Morrison as otherwise he was stuck with otherwise unsellable product taking up space and a loss in the accounting ledger.
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