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  1. Actually the 1989 convertible was stored indoors so it much cleaner than the wrecked blue convertible. The strange thing is so far all of the electrical items I have checked on the wrecked blue car all work, lights, trunk release and power seats, so it seems like electrically the wrecked car that was stored outdoors is in better condition than the unwrecked white 1989 convertible that was stored indoors. Later today I will go back over to that other shop and take some photos of that Tec-M headlight delay module and all of the vampire taps in the wiring harness around it. I am tempted
  2. Took a battery over to the shop where the 1989 Convertible is located and tried various things to see what condition the electrical system is in. Things that work: starter gauges hazard lights & turnsignals brake lights power windows power top motor (I can hear when working the switch but I don't know if it actually raises or lowers the top) Things that don't work headlights taillights gauge lights trunk release gas lid release power seats When I checked the fuse box I found three missing 20
  3. This silver blue 1988 convertible has a carb rather than TBI
  4. Today I swapped a battery into this 1988 convertible so I could try to get the trunk lid open. After trying the button many times but after I would walk to the back and try lifting up on the trunk lid, only to find it still locked. I finally called Bob at Avanti Parts and Restorations, Inc and he clued me in that I probably have to have a second person lifting up on the trunk lid while I press the release button inside the interior. He told me that he has had this problem in the past and used a handy "sky hook" and some bungie straps to put upwards pressure on the trunk lid while pressing
  5. Today I was able to make more progress on my plan for how to get the hood open on the 1988 Silver Blue convertible. I found the small hole in the bottom of the moveable latch plate that silverstude told me about and I decided my plan of attack would be to stick a drill up in there to enlarge this hole so I could use a larger diameter shaft of a phillips screwdriver to pry on the part of the latch assembly that should be moving. After much screwing around this afternoon I was successful with this plan and I was able to get the latches disengaged. I was so happy to get the hood open. I foun
  6. I looked at the titles for the various cars and the convertible with the single latch is 486 and I was mistaken since that title that says it is a 1989 car. The long chassis coupe with the stuck hood and driver's door is listed as a 1988 and the last three digits of that car is 374 The 1988 convertible with the stuck hood is 286 So maybe the long chassis 1988 coupe also has the twin latches. I won't know until I pull that car out of storage.
  7. I worked on this again today with some help from a friend and while we did not make any progress on getting the latches to actually pop, I do understand more about how the latches actually work. My friend knows someone else who actually owns another car and we went over there to look closer at that car. It too is a 1988 Convertible but it must be a slightly later one since it has the single latch system. The owner of the car let us remove the two bolts that hold the latch assembly down to the firewall so we could flip the latch over to understand what the underside of the latch actually l
  8. I live in the area around Youngstown and I have met two guys now who used to work at the Avanti plant here in Youngstown. One guy now has his own body shop behind his house. He says he only worked there a few months and decided to leave when he felt the way they were building these cars was not up to very good standards. He specifically tells me about loading up the rear quarter panels with huge amounts of bondo to make the body lines look good. He says he was working on the part of the live where these rear quarter pieces were bonded to the main tub of the car. He says they way they taug
  9. I took pictures up in the holes of the 1988 Convert and I thought you had identified the sight of the rusty latches. I'm fairly certain the 1988 convert has the twin latches at the corners of the hood. BTW, I did not get a chance to look at the car further today because it has been raining and very windy here. So since the car is sitting outside covered by a tarp, I decided to try to work on it another day.
  10. Wow! Lots of replies. Thanks for the interest and information from everyone here. I tried on the 1988 convertible today to reach up into the holes under the fenderwells to release the latches with a phillips screwdriver as suggested by silverstude but I did not have any luck with this. I have a friend coming over tomorrow afternoon and we are going to try some different things. I appreciate all of the excellent information. I bet the 1989 Coupe has the single latch assembly. I will have to crawl under the dash to see if I can find the hole for that. Unfortunately on that 1989 Coupe the dr
  11. Today I jacked up the front driver's corner of the 1988 convertible today and detached the back edge of the inner fender liner so I could look for a the rubber plug another member here told me about. There was a rubber plug and I attempted to pull it out but instead it popped back up into the cavity. I reached into this hole with my finger and felt around but I don't feel anything that seems to be anything resembling a hood latch. So using the camera on my phone I took these photos. Can anyone see if anything in these photos would seem to be part of a hood latch? Two photos are where I aimed m
  12. Also The cable is not pulled out. Pulling the handle under the dash does not really seem to do anything. It doesn't move when pulled. If I had to guess I would say if there is an inner cable inside an outer cable that there might be corrosion between the two thus preventing the inner cable from doing anything under the hood. Or the latch mechanisms are just frozen with rust or corrosion.
  13. BTW, on the 1989 coupe with the stuck driver's door, the passenger's door does open so I can get into the car. I had to get a key made at a local locksmith for both cars since they did not come with keys. Thanks for the suggestions so far.
  14. I just recently bought a dark grey 1988 LSC Coupe and a 1988 Convertible and both cars were stored outside uncovered for a long time. I am not able to open the hood on either car and on the LSC Coupe the driver's door is stuck closed. Anyone have any suggestions about how to get the hoods open on either car or what might be wrong with the driver's door on the coupe? Is it possible to reach the hood latches from underneath the cars if I jack them up and crawl under there? On the driver's door problem with the LSC Coupe is it possible to remove the inner door panel trim panel
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