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  1. I pulled the felt out of the glove box and and found the small tag I think may be it !! However Its in real bad shape. Ive tried to gently clear it and i think it says brentwood firemist. was that a 1972 choice. I was working in a highend bodyshop in Sandirgo about then and psinted a lot of corvette and cadillac firemists but don't remember any of the names of them I've ordered the build sheet so I'll soon know. my wife has decided it will be the same silverblue metalic as her 2010 Acent
  2. I already looked there is nothing on the vanity tray lid or any place else I can find on the car
  3. Has anyone repaired the hog troughs on their car without replacing them?? on my car one side is real solid and in great shape , the other side has some rust out along the rocker panel but is mostly ok the plan right now is cut out the worst of it,, rust treat and coat inside with por15 then rivet and JB weld a repair section on to finish the repair. I think it would make a ok repair..... what are your thoughts on the subject ??? As a different subject, how can I find what color my car (RQB1812 ) was painted and is the trunk, interior and under hood painted the same.
  4. thanks skip for the other numbers. I'm taking an average of the measurements I have and will start from there. the way I am cutting the frame it will be possible to "restore it to "studebaker" I will keep the front clip for a future owner. if anyone wanted to make it pure again
  5. those wheels look great on your avanti! I dont understand the need to fit to "GM bolt pattern. I thought all Avantis were the same as Ford bolt pattern. Later model with the monte carlo frame perhaps? I didn't think that happened til the mid 80's on the "blake cars"
  6. Hi Skip thanks for the ground to frame number, but to be useful I would also need the frame at the straight portion of the rails, at the front near the firewall, and rear rail near the front spring hanger having one number is like one hand clapping, 3 numbers help establish a datum to work from thanks for responding
  7. Avanti 83 thank you very much for the numbers I need. I realize my view of the members here on the forum is most likely distorted by my membership in some other forums populated by much younger members than me. I hope as we "senior people" go to our rewards we pass our cars and our passion on. I hope to get the Avanti done before I'm gone so it can go down the line to one of my great grandsons thanks again for the numbers, I can now establish a datum and get on with the suspension mods
  8. This is just what I'm talking about . how hard is it for someone to walk out to a car, open the hood and measure from the frame to the ground. I don't care what tires, wheels or year of the car is, it doesn't matter if I get a good reference to work from I 've been told a lot of " stuff " I know is BS measurements from xyz to abc and mean nothing unless they are from a known datum to a repeatable location. realize we are dealing with a car with a lot of history and many changes through its life but how hard can it be to find a common point of reference?? I have read the reference at the
  9. I currently own 3 corvettes (1985,1984 and 2006) and know the "apparent width" is different from the actual hub to hub measurement the corvette has very wide wheels compared to the Avanti but the hub to hub is less than an inch different. As a side note the frame inside measurement at the straight area behind the Avanti xmember is with in 1/4 of the same as the corvette. having built street and circle track chassis I know all about akerman ,bump steer etc I have the skills, I just need the numbers off the Avanti so I can use them. so please rather than armchair 1/4 back me, just get the
  10. OK I give up.. I have burnt up 10 hours of internet time trying to find what the "stock ride height of a72 Avanti is. I found all kinds of answers as to what springs to use and mod to make but I still haven't found the basic numbers I need! on my project I acquired it with the motor and transmission out, and as am doing a c4 corvette front subframe install I need to know the measurements from the front frame near the radiator body mount (straight area of the frame) to the floor, the same for frame at the firewall body mount to the floor and just for giggles the distance from the straight
  11. Looking good! Are you doing a photo file of all the work you are doing? if so where could I view it? Silverstude posted a pic of your car with c4 corvette front suspension, Did you build a full new frame, and how did the modified front work on the old one keep up the beautiful work
  12. thanks for the photos of your headliner mods. looks great. I have extensive fiberglass working experience so filling the hole left by the moon roof will be a piece of cake
  13. the corvette front suspension is exactly what I'm doing. what is the source of the photos and are there any of the build as it progressed Is the owner a member and how would I contact them for more information. thanks so much for posting these
  14. Hi All I have become the owner of an avanti project and would like some help with a few things. My car is mostly complete but rough. the car had a well meaning but "hobby" owner so I consider it a kit as it stands 1 the car has a non-functioning moon roof and I hate holes in car tops. Does anyone know if the roof structure is different other than having a hole cut in it and the sun roof stuff glued to it? I would like to remove all of it and build a repair panel to replace the "hole" if I do this are there any bracing in the non sunroof cars that I would have to construct and re
  15. what are you asking for the console and pull straps
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