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  1. Looking to finish out stuff in the trunk, no tools in this car so need jack, handle and lug wrench if anyone has extras. Also need low note (driver's side horn) or both horns. Thanks for any leads. John H.

  2. Our 63R1454 is 140 as well, if that helps narrowing the transition...
  3. Considering this as I have a early LeCarra on our Hawk, and have done it before on others just considering the fact that they break as a good reason for a spare - but, a custom wheel is an easy way to keep the car looking/driving decent while restoring the wheel. Good to know about the Ford match-up. Thanks Ed.
  4. I have to do some repairs to mine and need a driver spare. Anybody have a '63-'64 out there for sale? Condition/color unimportant as long as the spokes aren't broken. Thanks, John H.
  5. Thanks to everyone for helping on this. I had an inkling it would be interior specs, expected Elk, but the perforated part is a relevation! Lots of knowledge here, glad to become a member. Best to all. John H. Suffolk, VA
  6. Is there any decode page available for sorting out the codes? Most of mine are easy, but line two "14 763 ELV" remains a mystery. Interior code, perhaps? Thanks for any info, John H.
  7. I have several superchargers and some of the parts. All will need attention, parts are things like top hat, tensioner, hoses. So if you can't score a complete set-up, I can help some. I might be interested some of the A/C parts, any/all except for the compressor and bracket, as I am planning to add A/C to an R/2 using a Sanden-style unit. If interested, PM, please.
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