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  1. I was going through some boxes over the weekend and found some emblems. I was wondering if you could buy these or if it was something my grand father had made. Here is a picture of them hopefully someone can help me out.
  2. Here are a picture of the head
  3. As far as i know all is original except the engine and I am learning now that the rear end may be out of a defrent studebaker.
  4. I want to say thank you for all the input. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get this car back on the road. I will try and post some pic along the way. What are some important things to go over on a engine that has been siting for a while. I know I need to do valve cover gaskets and oil pan. When I do this is there any thing I should look for?
  5. Have the original purchase order from 1963 when my grandfather ordered the car. Its originally an r2 he ordered the 304 form stu-v in 74 along with intake and had head work done at the same time. Serial number is R4396
  6. I was able to get the pics you were wanting
  7. Mfg,The plan is to run it with the supercharger. With newer edelbrock would there be an issue with hood clearance? Packardv8 ware would you fit the second supercharger? Its pretty packed in there as is.
  8. Luma, i will get those pics this evening. I am in California
  9. Is there any difference on the super charger from r2 to r3
  10. Would the vacuum advance help or hurt in this situation? Now with the bundle of parts that I inherited. is an msd ignition but I don't know if it was bought for the avanti. It could of been for aother Vehicle my grandfather had.
  11. The casting numbers on the intake manifold are 1555811 i think is what is says i will post a pic of it. As for the heads they are on the motor. i will try and line up the intake manifold some time this week. Now on to the carbs 3810 is semi taken apart this is how I got it with many other parts I will post pics of whats there. 3725 dose not have that spring
  12. Casting number for the heads STU-V 1555479 Number on engine block is R3S M305 Would the dual carb setup be a good fit with all the head work done
  13. How can I verify what head were used?
  14. Sorry for the lack of info here are some pics of the motor build sheet from 1974 and the intake. The intake was purchased in 74 I hope this helps I'm the third generation generation to own this car just trying to put the puzzle back together thanks for all info
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