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  1. Very nice. The interior is very well done. Personally I'd keep the original dash profile but yours looks very professional
  2. Thanks guys. I am now leaning towards a 75 that's available locally.(I'm in Toronto, Canada). The car is a 10 footer, good shape mechanically, and the ask is $20 grand CDN. I'm hoping I can bargain him down a bit. Then, since I have a running driving car, I can start to do upgrades in stages. First, I think, would be to do up the interior and freshen it up a bit. A year or so later probably the chassis and engine, then eventually a killer paint job. Doe anyone have pictures of Avanti's with some sort of customized front end? Different headlights, an upper grille, anything like that?
  3. Why is a 63/64 more expensive? PArts availability? other reasons?
  4. Hi again. I haven't posted much. This pandemic has given me so much more to do in my business(I'm a contractor) what with labour shortages and material shortages, that I just haven't had time. Anyway. I am almost ready to buy my first Avanti. I have numerous choices but don't know which is the better way.I have heard arguments both ways 1] buy the best car you can and go from there 2] buy the cheapest you can find and start there. I'm 70 now, and thinking to retire in a year or two. My retirement gift from my wife is a mid 60's-mid 70's restomod. Either finished before purc
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