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  1. Very nice. The interior is very well done. Personally I'd keep the original dash profile but yours looks very professional
  2. Thanks guys. I am now leaning towards a 75 that's available locally.(I'm in Toronto, Canada). The car is a 10 footer, good shape mechanically, and the ask is $20 grand CDN. I'm hoping I can bargain him down a bit. Then, since I have a running driving car, I can start to do upgrades in stages. First, I think, would be to do up the interior and freshen it up a bit. A year or so later probably the chassis and engine, then eventually a killer paint job. Doe anyone have pictures of Avanti's with some sort of customized front end? Different headlights, an upper grille, anything like that?
  3. Why is a 63/64 more expensive? PArts availability? other reasons?
  4. Hi again. I haven't posted much. This pandemic has given me so much more to do in my business(I'm a contractor) what with labour shortages and material shortages, that I just haven't had time. Anyway. I am almost ready to buy my first Avanti. I have numerous choices but don't know which is the better way.I have heard arguments both ways 1] buy the best car you can and go from there 2] buy the cheapest you can find and start there. I'm 70 now, and thinking to retire in a year or two. My retirement gift from my wife is a mid 60's-mid 70's restomod. Either finished before purc
  5. I do not like that one off with large rectangle lights. Now that I see the difference I think I prefer the rectangular production headlights as in Bob Caser's picture.
  6. I guess I'm simply not versed in Avanti minutia, What's the difference between large and normal rectangular lights?
  7. Just found it. It's an 88 and it's listed on Ebay
  8. Just curious. All 63's and a few early 64's had round headlights and covers. After that they we were replaced with rectangular housings, although still with round headlight lenses. Today i saw a picture of an 86 or 87 LSC (the longer wheelbase luxury Avanti) with rectangular headlight lenses set in rectangular housings. In all the years I've observed Avanti's I've never noticed this before. Is this a one off, or did they change the lights at some point?
  9. Have you by any chance got the link?
  10. I'm located in Toronto, Canada. I'm 69 years old. I have some mechanical skills and plan on doing the disassembly and prep work. I have no welding knowledge, (although I've watched a lot of it on T.V.) I've driven hot cars all my life. the only concession I've made to my age (69) (and the increasing gridlock locally) is that I gave up my gearshift car last year.(I did make sure all 3 of my sons can drive a stick, and my granddaughter will be taught as well.) I will be retiring in a year and then the Avanti project becomes real. I have it completely built in my mind right down
  11. Thank you. I had a feeling they wouldn't be easy to swap. Personally I like the pre-84 bumpers and dash. As far as rust goes: This will be a full on restomod with an Art Morrison Chassis and a crate GM engine and transmission, as well as a custom interior. So, the only thing I need to worry about is the body shell and the dashboard.. The budget is already approved by my wife and will be my hobby/occupation once I retire. Yes, I do realize there is a lot more to the project than simply swapping out the chassis, and whatever my budget is (or have told my wife) it will be substantially
  12. Hi all. This is my first post to this forum. Thank you for allowing me to join. I have been a car enthusiast since I was 12. I am now 69. My all time dream car from the day it was introduced, has been the Avanti. Over the years I have had Mustangs, Supras, Hondas, and now a Jag F-type. They have all been my daily driver (I'm a contractor and I do around 30,000 miles per years), which is why I never bought an Avanti. It is almost impossible to get insurance here in Toronto Canada for a daily driven classic. However, I am retiring next year and plan to build a restomod (believe it or
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