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  1. My 63 R1 is just about ready to be put back on the road. I have the original mirrors but they are loose and will not stay in position. Is there a way to tighten the mirror face with out breaking the mirror?
  2. Thanks again for all your help. The problem seems to be the shaft from the distributor is too large to fit into the OIL pump....? The engine was dismantled about 8 years ago by others and the parts where stored. So either the distributor is wrong or the pump was replaced in the rebuild, there are no records. So I will rebuild the pump with a new shaft and see if it fits the distributor if not then I will be looking for a different distributor and shaft. The oil pump shaft does have a lot of wear on it and the shaft does not have clean slot, so I will start at the bottom and work my way
  3. Thank all of you for you advice. It seems there is a problem with the OIL pump. SI has rebuild kits and can send a rebuild with a core exchange. Can someone provide a replacement part number from another source? I want to get this on the road very soon.
  4. It does seem to sit all the way down without a gap. Is there trick to getting it seated?
  5. I tried to start my R1 engine but had no oil pressure. It seems the shaft from the distributor is not connecting into the oil pump. I had the engine rebuild but I am using the original distributor. Were there different oil pumps used for the Avanti? Mine is r1093. Any suggestion on what could cause the the problem? It seems that the shaft from the distributor is too short? I can turn the oil pump by hand with a long screw driver...?
  6. I am almost ready to put my 63 R1 back on the road after a multi year restoration project. The state where I live requires a front license plate but I have not found a holder that will attach to the front bumper without requiring to drill holes.....I do not want to do so. Can some one suggest a holder that I can get that would not require drilling into the bumper but would look good and be secure?
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