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  1. Thank you for that update Wayne. Glad to hear that Dan Booth has them.
  2. I've owned 3 Avantis, all with power steering: a '63, an '82 and an '85. The '85 had the quick steering arm (shorter pitman arm), and thus the reduced leverage, and it definitely had a heavy feel at lower speeds and a bit of a tendency to wander at highway speeds. The '63 and the '82 that I now have with the regular steering arm do not have either of those characteristics. The '63 was and the '82 is a true joy to drive under any conditions except in snow -- which is an issue with weight distribution, not steering.
  3. Have you had any luck finding a reservoir Wayne? I agree with Steve that they were custom made for Avanti Motors. (Studebaker used a vinyl bag hung on the right front inner fender.) The one on my '82 leaks and I've been going to get under the dash and detach the reservoir, to see if it can be patched with a good waterproof glue. I've been told that there aren't any new ones available
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