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  1. Thanks! And I have an original Avanti shop manual on the way (thanks eBay!).
  2. Thanks for the tips. Do you have a link to the tool for removing the retaining clips? Is it specific to Studebaker or Avanti, or it is a more generic tool?
  3. My '63 Avanti has manual, crank-up windows. The window on the passenger side is really stiff to raise or lower, so I keep it up mostly. There is a lot of resistance in the crank mechanism and I'm afraid something will break within the door. Can someone give an explanation (or photos) of how to remove the door panel so I can see what's going on inside? If anyone has photos of the window mechanism, and typical points of failure, that would be helpful too. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. I had the same problem and tried the solution where I removed the mirror glass, used stainless steel wire as described above, then glued in a new piece of mirror glass. It held for a while, but eventually loosened again. So then I just bought a repro Stratovue mirror, installed it, and it is great. And it looks original.
  5. That's my car in the video. I am the 4th owner. I was told the car was repainted once around 1970. The owner at the time (owner #2?) apparently didn't want the Studebaker logos on the car (although Avanti logos were OK), so he removed them and filled the holes. Then owner #3 put all the Studebaker logos back on the car. I assume the small holes on the trunk lid were from a mis-drilling when mounting the logo, although I don't know for sure. I put some small rubber patches on the inside of the trunk lid so that no water will enter through the holes, but have left the holes as-is. If someone has
  6. @walterjim - Did you replace your voltage regulator with the Prestolite VBV-6221C? If so, how did that work out? The one in my Avanti looks just like this photo, and I need to replace it too.
  7. I took my 63 Avanti to the gas station today. The fuel gauge showed one mark above empty. I put the gas nozzle all the way into the filler neck and filled it until it clicked off. I assumed it was full. But it only took 6.7 gallons. I was afraid to fill it more due to the risk of spilling fuel on the body. Is it true that our cars have 21 gallon tanks? If so, do others find that gas pumps click off too early? Should I keep filing it further? Perhaps something about the design of the filler neck signals the pump to shut off too soon, or maybe my fuel gauge is inaccurate. I'm looking for experi
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