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  1. I have purchased a 1980 Avanti from California and had it hauled to me in Idaho. It needs paint and seat covers. It has 49,000 actual miles. I have questions about the impact front bumper and what some call a cow pusher bar. I would like to remove these but don’t want the impact part of the bumper to the frame showing. I know if removed I will need to install an earlier grill which I have no problem doing. My question is : I am wondering if there are any tips or instructions for removing this impact portion from the frame on the AOAI site for doing this? thanks in advance.
  2. I have been underneath it and it is great. Hog troughs and frame look good. A lot of oil though but I think it is all from the auto trans leaking badly. That gets fixed and new exhaust and headers on Monday. I will take some pics when it is up on the hoist. I am convinced the car has the 49,000 actual. The engine is sound. I have two Manila envelopes with all kinds of documents. The heat in California was its worst enemy. I ordered all new recaro leather seat covers. I also ordered extra yardage for front and back armrests as well as package trays. I have new torque thrust wheels ordered and the Yokohama tires are like new. I got a quote for rechroming the bumpers at $800 each . I will do that when the car gets painted. I just received new headlight rings, new Avanti scripts, new sunroof rubber , parts book and repair manual from Bob at Avanti Parts. I will have to rechrome the tail light bezels. There is minute pitting on them as well as the original headlight rings and bumpers That’s from the good old sea salt from the California coast where it lived. I have a lot of experience sand blasting and have a commercial unit. I just have never blasted with soda but can’t imagine it is much different. i will post some pics in a few days. Thanks to everyone for all of the input and suggestions.
  3. I recently received my first Avanti that I bought out of California and shipped to me in Idaho. It is a 1980 and has the original white lacquer paint on it. I have restored many Corvettes in my lifetime but never have I seen paint spider checked as bad as this one . I planned on repainting the car but I did not think I was going to have to soda blast the body to get through the cracking. It will need a complete soda blast job. I used the razor blade theory to try and remove the white lacquer paint but very quickly discovered that the paint was not only spider checked but also the primer underneath it did as well. Seeing this I knew I only had one alternative to get a descent, lasting paint job on my car. I can’t complain since it appears as if all I need to do is paint, upholstery the leather front and rear seats, re chrome the bumpers -head light rings - tail light trim , repair a link in the sunroof and misc things. It will be fun taking it back to look like new again. MM RQB- 3141
  4. I just bought my first Avanti a 1980. I was just looking it over carefully and looked at the mirrors and said to myself “ those are the same mirrors that I have on two of my AMC cars”. If you would like let me know and I can give you two or three suppliers names for the AMC parts that should have these.
  5. Well, now it is listed for only $89,000.
  6. I am trying to but the 2019 Calandar and also would like to buy the Avanti Magazine for a year. How can I do that? Thank you and Happy New Year, Mel Moeller
  7. Well I backed off the one in Washington. The seller told me that the Avanti spent its life in California ( typically rust free state) and had no rust. I ran the rqb number and found that it spent its life in Vermont, New Jersey and Ma. It was noted in a eBay sale in the east previously that the drivers hog trough was rotted. I finally convinced the seller to look at it and indeed it was rotted and needed replaced. I was looking at a 74 four speed car in Portland that is a bit edgy that I thought I could get the price down on. The seller says it has 49,000 actual. After running the rqb number I see that the car sold in 2005 in Colorado with 48,000 on it. Go figure! I backed away from it also. I also was going to roll the dice on one back east in a rust prone area for $3000 with a blown motor. Almost bought it but the lady wants cash only and will not send me a pic of the title. I offered a cashiers check drawn on her bank for a $500 deposit and the balance in full when the transport driver picks it up but she won’t . I am convinced this is a scam. I was going to buy the white one on eBay as I can replace hog troughs (needs both) and also needs a rear crossmember but the seller wants too much and right at his BIN price. Am looking at 2 on Hemmings currently. One is near me. Something will show soon. Also looked through inventory at the Barret Jackson auction in Scottsdale next month but no Avanti there.
  8. M&M

    Decode Serial # please

    I found out that the last for digits of the vin # is the RQB # Thanks for your response!
  9. I am looking at buying a 81 Avanti and need to let the seller know soon. I was hoping someone would be kind enough to decipher the Vin # in order to let me know more about the car before I pull the plug. The Vin # is 12AAV1237B1003276 thank you
  10. I have seen talk that there is someone that advertises in one of the magazines about selling reproduction chrome bumpers. I don’t have any magazines to look it up so can someone please tell me the name and contact info of this company.
  11. Here is the serial number for the 1981. It is 12AAV1237B1003276.. I have the price down to $9000 . If someone can decipher this vin # for me soon, I would really appreciate it.
  12. Could someone please give me the contact info for the reproduction bumpers. thanks much in advance
  13. There is one listed on the Reno Craigslist but don’t know the vin.
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