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  1. M&M

    80 Avanti II

    Thanks so much Avanti83 and Desert Driver. You guys are really helpful. I had a person tell me the wrong name for the power steering ram. I will either find someone to rebuild it with new seals etc or buy one from one of our suppliers.
  2. M&M

    80 Avanti II

    Maybe I am using the wrong name for what I need? The ram that sits just below the crankshaft engine pulley that sits horizontal and is hooked to the steering. My old engine pulley was rubbing on this when the car was turned sharply and it is leaking fluid. With my new 383 stroker engine I have about 1/2” clearance. What is this Power steering ram called .
  3. I was hoping that someone could suggest where to buy a steering dampener for my 80 Avanti. Are these available at any parts store? I purchased my car about 1 1/2 yrs ago from Santa Barbara and hauled it in to my place in Idaho. I have installed a 383 stroker in it , rebuilt the auto trans and have the engine compartment and all jambs painted for a proper color change from white to Candy Apple red. The car has 49,000 actual. I have redone the seats in leather and am currently replacing other leather in the car that got cooked from the California heat. Any help is greatly apprecia
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