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  1. Thanks for the replies everybody- to be frank I caved-in and am looking at buying them in as well as a rear frame crossmember.. Considering I have an engineering trade background it pains me to have to not be able to do this job, but I have a time limit on this project and another person is involved. Thanks all- Steve
  2. Hello All-, I am preparing a replacement frame for my 1981 Avanti II but fear the "perches" indicated in the pic (not my photo BTW) are too corroded for re-use. I don't have clear access to my own vehicle at present it's 60 miles away and I'm facing a bit of a time-crunch with the contractor helping with this job. I have access to a friends' Avanti and tried to draw the parts but it's too difficult to do an accurate job of hole centres with so much clutter- I really tried ! Does anybody have a good accurate sketch of these parts that I can use to replicate them ? Steve RGB3269
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