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  1. Finally got my tank out and it was in great shape! Installed a newer float-less sending unit and added a vent line and added some insulation around the tank area! Found the old sending unit was working, but not sure the cork floats were actually floating anymore! But ready to test it out and seal up the rear comprent! Appears my gauge was going bad and will be chasing the dash and gauge clean up as the next project!
  2. Hi Wayne, 

    Happy new year!  I finally got to my fuel tank project and my tank appears to be in really good shape!  Appreciate the offer for a new tank but looks like I can use this one!  Re plumbed the vent and replacing the fuel sensor and insulating the rear panel before closing her back up!  Thanks for your input and  hope you have a great new year!

    Gary Johnson.  ..... in Georgia


    1. WayneC


      I'm not surprised. Since the tank is actually inside the car, it generally stays in decent shape.

      Happy New year to you, too.

  3. Thanks Wayne, After the holidays I will tackle my sending unit and examine my tank. If replacement is in order I will certainly get with you and see if we can work a deal! I do feel working with a new/ correct (OEM) tank would be a benefit and make the job easier and be correct and more original than using a custom universal tank and adapting a lot. Of things! Mine is a 74 model, but I have a TBI unit, electric pump and already use unleaded fuel anyway so that should not be an issue. Thanks for the info, and offer,! I will get back with you soon! Have a happy holiday season, merry Christmas!
  4. Thanks for the info, I talked to George via email and found out he didn’t have any more available. Looks like I may be looking into other aftermarket universal tanks ! Mine had a leak, but fixed that, but needs to be re-vented to accommodate the electric fuel pump and return line! I need to install a new fuel sending unit and will check the tanks condition at that time, but considering the age, would prefer to start with a new tank and go from there!
  5. Interested in doing the same! Where did you get it, what model and ...... info? I have found a number of different models that would probably work but a repo of the original would be my first choice! thanks for any info!
  6. I have one on my 74 and it lights the brake light on the dash. Safety check to assure light is working?
  7. option is to unbolt the cow catcher and leave the bracket and mount some driving lights. Pretty simple and doesn’t require and frame/bracket rework.
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