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  1. Factory Air and Supercharged??? Say it isn't so . . .
  2. VtMike

    R3 Item!

    I think I read somewhere that one of the Bonneville Studes tried a ratio of 2.9ish but settled on 3.00.
  3. Yesterday I read a really good article on Bob Johnstone's site on R3 Avantis. Here is the link: http://www.studebaker-info.org/MAA/SIA1286/sia1286p30.html The article said that R3 Avantis had only mechanical advance for timing. Is that correct? Since I know nothing about this subject, I googled it and read that having mechanical advance only is OK for racing when acceleration from a standstill isn't that important, but that having vacuum advance along with mechanical would help from a standstill? In another article (Road & Track?), I remember that the magazine guys did pretty extensive testing on an R3 Avanti - on both 1/2 & 1/4 mile tracks. While they were impressed with the overall performance, they couldn't get the Avanti to launch strong. I realize that one reason an R3 wouldn't launch like a Hemi is it's smaller cubes and the fact that the supercharger didn't really kick in until about 3000 rpm, but I am wondering if the mechanical advance only may also have contributed to that problem? My other question is: Let's say I was building a Stude engine hoping for R3 power, and I wanted to modernize the timing, what would be the best way to go?
  4. VtMike

    Modified Avanti!

    I have read that Andy claimed he needed to shift at 8000 rpm to beat Hemis in a 1/2 mile race, so # 2 is my guess. Would be very interested to hear more about the modifications that gave 1025 that kind of go-power.
  5. Sagandaga - I saw your PM yesterday but can't find it now. Don't know how to do a PM response. Anyway, I appreciate the info that you shared and will get back to you if and when my plan starts to come together. Mike
  6. VtMike

    R3 Item!

    My bet is that the A series didn't have the milder 276 cam. They have been described as hand built racing engines, and their job was to produce a lot of power and promote the performance image at Bonneville and in early magazine road tests. So there likely would have been much less concern over whether they had street manners that non-racers would expect. Second, I think Jack Vines wrote recently that the Stude factory refused to use one of the cams in the factory R3s . . . maybe because it was too wild? So that may have been related to the intro of the milder 276 cam? Anyway, that's my wild guess.
  7. I believe I recall that the 288 (?) cam R3 was described by Bez as "wild." But I thought the milder R3 cam (266?) option had, in your words, at least somewhat respectable street manners. I think I recall the R3 road test back in the day indicating that the R3 was a comfortable car for normal driving. But my memory is suspect and the road test guys may not have been too picky about driving comfort, so I would like to hear more on the issue of how uncomfortable an R2 would be to drive with bigger valves and the other mods I was thinking about. By the way, I came across a very interesting commentary in another forum by someone going by "Dare-to-be-different," who said he had years of Stude drag racing experience, and, among other things, said that the R 1 & 2 cams performed better in the Stude engines because they were a much better match than the R3 cams. He described increasing valve size as the biggest bang for the buck in terms of performance options. I don't know who he is, but he had a lot of interesting things to say about what did and didn't work for him in Stude engines.
  8. Jack - thanks very much for the response. If such things were done right, what would the ball park be for the HP?
  9. For some time, I have been dreaming about getting an Avanti and upgrading its engine to an R3 clone. Not to build a race car . . . just looking for something that would knock my socks off once in awhile, but still be OK for normal driving. But the lack of available R3 heads and/or expense of building such an engine may be an unrealistic pipe dream. So I am wondering how far I could get by upgrading an R2 without totally breaking the bank? Bore to 299 or 304 cu in? Port and polish the heads? Increase intake valve size as much as those heads allow? Heavy duty valve springs? Rebuilding supercharger to R3 boost level? I understand from other threads that the intake manifold may be the choke point that would limit the effectiveness of other upgrades. What is the best solution to that problem? Also, aside from looking cool as hell, does the R3 air box do anything for performance? Really appreciate any thoughts. Mike
  10. VtMike

    Shifty Avanti!

    Wild guess . . . some kind of insulation to reduce the heat transfer to the upper part of the shifter.
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