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  1. VtMike

    Shifty Avanti!

    Wild guess . . . some kind of insulation to reduce the heat transfer to the upper part of the shifter.
  2. I thought I remembered a tu-tone Avanti on youtube. Here it is. No idea if it came from the factory this way, but it is black except for the orange roof and the raised part of the hood. The video also claims it is an R3, but who knows about that? Anyway, here is the link:
  3. VtMike

    Avanti Trannys!

    I thought the stick shift option ended in the mid 70s? But I don't think you would have asked this question if that was right. So I will say True.
  4. VtMike

    R3 Gears!

    If that is all it is, I would buy the Lark and transplant the R3 into an Avanti. Then I would have my Avanti R3 clone I've been dreaming of . . .
  5. VtMike

    R3 Gears!

    Found something in an old Hot Rod Magazine road test that I found interesting . . . it makes me think the R3s came from the factory with a milder and more streetable setup and the rough running may have been caused by owners tweaking their small engines to squeeze a little more out of them. The last test car we used was the new R2 and we made no attempt to try it at the drags. We just drove it and enjoyed it. A few short bursts through the gears in remote locations proved that it had adequate power, as Studebaker claims. Even with the blower, the engine is very smooth, quiet and docile as a limousine in heavy traffic. Amazingly enough, we used the R3 version in our travels to and from the office and except for the objectionable gear ratio we had fitted for the drags, it too was a very smooth car for daily duties.
  6. VtMike

    R3 Gears!

    I love the idea of having the performance of an R3, but don't see how anyone would be comfortable with driving one on the street that runs (or doesn't run) like that Lark. I can't believe that Studebaker allowed the R3s to leave the factory unless they were at least half-way comfortable for street driving. In the Youtube videos of running R3 Avantis I have been able to fine, they will idling but faster than would be normal. Is that because they won't keep running at a lower idling RPM or run so rough that it must be avoided? Sad to say, but, if the tradeoff for the performance is that an R3 inevitably acts like that Lark, I may have to stop dreaming about having an R3 clone one day. I would love to hear from someone who has ridden in an R3 Stude of some kind, and could tell me what it is really like.
  7. Today I was surfing around the 'net and came across an article from the Pressreader dated July 19, 2018. It can be found here: https://www.pressreader.com/australia/unique-cars/20180719/282737702601107 The thing that caught my attention was that the writer claimed the R3 engine was available in two versions, and the second one had two 4 bbl carbs inside the Air Box and something like 430 hp. I know I am new 'round here but I never heard of this alleged dual carb version of the R3. Is this guy telling the truth? While I am asking questions, I will ask another one: I read somewhere that, when Andy Granetelli (sp?) built the R3 that Hot Rod magazine tested back in the early days, he didn't build it the way factory R3s were built. He did increase the engine from 289 to 299 cubic inches, but he did that by stroking the engine rather than boring it out. The suggestion in the article was that a stroked 289 would have more torque than one that was bored out, and Andy wanted Hot Rod to test an R3 that would perform as well as possible in the 0-60 and 1/4 mile tests. The article also suggested that such shenanigans weren't atypical of the time, and said GM provided Hot Rod with a 421 powered GTO rather than the factory 389. Sure enough, the Hot Rod mag GTO outperformed any stock GTO every built. So, anyway, I was wondering whether stroking a 289 to 299 was something that anyone else has done, and whether that is a practical approach to gaining more performance? Mike
  8. Great looking car . . . did you sell it?
  9. 64studeavanti - That sounds pretty darn good to me. Did the modifications change the drivability/comfort when you are tooling around town? Estimated cost of the upgrades?
  10. Jack - Thanks for the quick, no nonsense answer. I appreciate that. Lesson learned. What would you recommend to upgrade an R1 engine? If it needs to be a supercharger, is there a modern one that would do the job and be more reliable? Thanks for your patience, steep learning curve here . . . Mike
  11. It looks like most R2s cost more than I want to pay, so now I am thinking more of getting a nice R1 driver 4 speed with A/C. But I would still like to have R2 performance. I was just looking at prior threads re: converting an R1 into a R2. Someone warned that adding a Paxton supercharger wouldn't be worth it because of the added upkeep, maintenance, etc. Question: Could you upgrade the R1 engine to R2 level performance without the Paxton supercharger, but still keep it mild enough to be streetable? Maybe fuel injection? Maybe roller cams? Maybe a modern turbo that would be more reliable? I am sure this is not original thinking. Are there R1s out there where this approach has been taken? Mike
  12. Avantifred - It wasn't me that you spoke to . . . looking forward to seeing the pictures. email: fmseibert@gmail.com Thanks in advance, Mike
  13. Avantifred - haven't received any pictures yet . . . is the Avanti still for sale? Mike
  14. VtMike

    Low Avanti!

    My wild guess is the low profile tires.
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