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  1. Not my cup of tea . . . especially the rear end treatment . . .
  2. Like the color, etc, and would be interested if not for those darn painted bumpers . . . too bad, but I guess there is no way to change them . . .
  3. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Have looked everywhere I can think of and can't find your PM. What do I need to do to find it?
  4. Sagandaga - I sent you a PM today.
  5. VtMike

    R1-R2 Heads!

    I believe I have been told that you can port and polish R1 heads and use them with a supercharger, so I will say Yes, but don't know how you would do it.
  6. VtMike

    Avanti Order!

    Thanks a million!
  7. VtMike

    Avanti Order!

    MFG - not trying to hijack this question, but I just tried to send you a PM and it said you don't receive such messages. I am trying to get in touch with Ron Crall, who I believe owns Avanti 1025. I am hoping he could tell me what cylinder heads and intake manifold are on 1025's 299 engine. If you could help me get in touch with him, I would appreciate it. Mike Seibert
  8. VtMike

    Avanti R5465!

    Just looked on Bob's Resource site, and it says R5465 was a stock R2 in 2011, and there was a picture of a stock-looking R2 engine. Has the engine been changed since 2011? Or am I missing something again? If the engine was changed, my wild guess, based on bass-ackwards reverse psychology, is )4 Chrysler 383.
  9. VtMike

    R1 Powered!

    I put the question marks there because I couldn't understand the question. But I now realize that the reason I couldn't understand the question is because I wasn't reading it closely enough. My bad.
  10. Well, it seems obvious that # 3 would have been a very early change, but I sense that answer is too obvious . . . so will take a really wild guess and say #1.
  11. VtMike

    R 4501

    Based on Facebook exchanges, it looks like R 4501 is the same Avanti that Owen Delve's uncle once owned. I guess it is possible it was totaled and then rebuilt, but there is nothing confirming that so far . . .
  12. VtMike

    R 4501

    It appears there are two conflicting claims about Avanti R 4501. On Bob Johnstone's Avanti page, Owen Delve of Goderich, Ontario, claims R 4501 was owned by his Uncle John, that the Hamilton, Ontario Stude operation (plant?) did a factory authorized engine swap to replace the original R2 with an R3, and that R 4501 was later totaled. Here is the link: https://studebaker-info.org/AVDB1/R4000/63R4501/r4501x12082016.txt On the other hand, just yesterday, Tony Moro posted pictures on the Avanti Facebook of a beautiful gray Avanti that he says is R 4501, very much alive and well, and sp
  13. VtMike

    R1 vs R2

    I have run across some claims (not related to Studebaker engines) that you can increase the compression by replacing the head gaskets with super thin ones. I was wondering if you could raise the compression by doing that on an R2 without the supercharger to give it a little more go? If not, what about having a machine shop take a little off the heads to do the same? Would either make enough of a performance difference to make this a practical idea?
  14. VtMike

    Avanti Gauge!

    of the supercharger?
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