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  1. Any ideas on getting a tilt steering column for a '64 Avanti. Is there a way to make on from some GM parts? If you have one and want to sell it please let me know. Tom Goesch
  2. Thank to all who answered my post! As soon as the cold snap passes and I can heat the garage to 70 deg, I'll get it back together. Tom
  3. My rear view mirror is in the wrong place. It is up at the to of the windshield in the shade band area. What is the correct dimension from the lower moulding of the windshield/dash? I was able to pop the mirror off of the glass with no issues to either parts. The connecting link between the mount and mirror has very long screws in it. They stick out about 5 mm. Seems way too long. Thanks in advance for your help. Tom Goesch 64 R-1 White
  4. I took a better look at the pin. It appears to have loosened from its bracket. Looks like it needs to be re-welded. I will remove the glass then the frame from door to see if I can weld it back together
  5. Both of the vent window handles on my car do not pull the window in tight against the seals. This contributes to a large amount of wind noise above 40 mph. It appears the handles have worn in a way that they are now further away from the glass and separator than designed. Is there any way to repair these parts? it appears there is a small dowel pin that retains the handle. From the Avanti parts book, it looks rather simple to pull the pin and the whole assembly will come apart. From those pictures, it looks like there are two pins that may ride in a groove in the handle that pulls the window in tight against the seals. I could not find replacement handles - is there another way to fix this besides putting a shim behind the handle on the separator?
  6. Found my ideal car in California. It was delivered on Monday. Love it!
  7. See my post below i would love to find a ‘64 Avantiin good condition. I don’t want to do a big restoration, as this will be a driver for me. Ideal car would be an R-1 with A/C, PS, PW, Am-Fm radio. Please contact me if you know of any available cars. Tom
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