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  1. Check out my add for the 69 4spd I am parting out
  2. Some people asked for pictures of the engine bay and Build sheet so here you go
  3. I know everything about this car is a little different from the 8 track player to the low back seats with cloth instead of leather to the really strange blue interior. And all of the trim pieces are the old style from the original Avanti like the power window switches that are rounded and the lazy s logo pieces on the back seat and door panels. I wish it wasn't so far gone or I would be restoring this one instead
  4. LOL I cant believe he was in that picture This wheel is nicer then my last one call it $100 plus the ride to AUS.
  5. Hello Everyone: I am picking up a parts car this weekend and wanted to let everyone here have first option at any parts they may need. The car is missing its 350 engine but does have the 4spd and pedals which I know one member in Hamilton has asked me for already. It had a tree fall on the front end so the drivers side fenders is shot and so is frame and hog troughs. I will post the build sheet tonight and pics of the car on Sunday when I get it. BONUS POINTS TO WHOMEVER CAN FIND MY NEW FRIEND IN PICTURE #3 Cheers
  6. Update on the J-Spec Avanti. Most of the modifications are done minus the front chin spoiler and rear spoiler. Have changed my mind and am now going with a Duck Tail spoiler like the racing GT Avanti had. Still some smoothing out to do but gives you an idea of how its going.
  7. Steering wheel and steering column sold. Thanks Roland for the lead.
  8. I did a search for this on the forum and didn't see anything so I thought I would post this. Was watching The Karate Kid last night and noticed that Johnny from the Cobra Kais drove an Avanti Convertible in the amusement park scene. There is also a write up on it here https://theavanti.com/karate_kid.html
  9. Update the New Stewart Warner gauges and fuel sending unit have sold but also came across an original Avanti steering wheel if anyone is interested $100 plus shipping.
  10. Sorry about the late reply it's tough to get anything done with the COVID-19 closures. I will try the post office again in the morning.
  11. Sorry about the late reply can't get to the post office to get shipping quote with the COVID-19 stuff but I'll try again Monday,
  12. Hey Everyone: I have some leftover parts from my recent build and thought if anyone needed any of these parts. I'm not looking to make a ton of money on them just want to pass them on to whomever can use them. I can ship but please remember I am in Ontario, Canada so may be a little pricey. Non tilt steering column with Grant adapter on it Gauges and Gauge pods not tested Sending Unit New Stewart Warner electric gauges to replace mechanicals and new mechanical gauges too.
  13. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a 71 Avanti had a baby with a 71 Nissan Skyline. It might look something like this... What's the American version of Godzilla?
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