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  1. I couldn't find one for the Corvette, but this one for a Porsche 911 that looks like it should work. I ordered one and will post the results when it arrives. https://www.aasesales.com/products/g4b-a82-b-102400?variant=7681388838940
  2. The roman number two after Avanti was used from 1965-1983, so why do so many cars have them upside down? The overline is longer than the underline by design, yet many turn it upside down with the longer line on the bottom. I did a google search of the Alman Avanti and found just under 50% were wrong. Is this done by choice or mistake by the installer? Having had my car (1978) just re-painted, I made sure the II's were installed correctly. Thoughts?
  3. I just ordered mine, they'll be ready in about 6 months.
  4. Thanks. I have both and it does look much better with chrome, but just wondering for authenticity at AOAI or SDC meets.
  5. Did the 1978 Avanti II come from the factory with a chrome or black air cleaner cover? Thanks
  6. I agree with Gunslinger, "Initial quality and performance doesn't mean much now outside of rhetorical purposes like this." After 40+ or - years it's more about how the car was maintained, cared for or restored. I have a very original 1978 Avanti II and it's as solid as a rock. The mechanics, interior and body are fully operational and beautiful. I know much of the history including having talked to the original owners (the Petru brothers) and the last owner in Phoenix, who all took extraordinary care of the car. With only 55,000 thousand miles the one thing it needed was a new paint job,
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