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  1. Will do, thanks. The radiator supports look fine and no rust that I can see from laying under the car.
  2. Thanks Ed. I'm having it re-painted this fall, a perfect time to address the issue.
  3. I noticed another Avanti II (1970) with a stress fracture on top of the left front fender near the hood latch, just like the one on my 1978. Is this common? Can it be strengthened? Does it occur on both fenders?
  4. Too much $$$. Classic Enterprises has the entire set for $3275.00. Re-chrome should be around $1500.
  5. I'm researching a place to get my bumpers re-chromed. Any recommendations?
  6. Does the gasoline need to be drained from the tank before replacing the fuel sending unit?
  7. Do you have to drain the tank of gas before changing the fuel sending unit?
  8. What motor did Avanti use for their power windows in 1978? Anyone have one or know where I can buy one (passenger side)?
  9. Please keep us posted on your progress. I'm not is need of any engine work on my '78 now, but I will in time.
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