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  1. Love it. About like mine. Just need someone to sing.
  2. Not sure what a cross wind deflector is, but I want one of those Andrews cars. Thanks, Daryl
  3. That's really some valuable , interesting memorabilia . Thanks for posting.
  4. Thanks to all. I have printed off the posted charts and diagrams as well as some more information sent via message. These forums can be great. Daryl
  5. Thanks, all. This has been fun in sort of a cryptic way. I'll think on getting down on my back and wriggling and wriggling. Maybe my son will come by to help some day. I was 20 when a friend and I went to the closest Studebaker dealership in a neighboring town in Iowa. The 1963s were out and one was on the lot. It must have been an R2 as the speedometer went to 160. The young salesman was eager to take us for a ride, so we got in. Those Iowa roads were narrow and very hilly but the salesman seemed to want to show off. When the needle got to 130 I was ready to get out, although invincible in most every other way. I never forgot the ride and neither did my friend who came by my house 55 years later and told the same story when he heard I had an Avanti . On a related subject, does anyone have a diagram of the fuse panel with labels for each fuse? Daryl
  6. Thank you gentlemen. I understand, now, why I did not see the panel when trying to find it. Oh, it's so hard for an old guy to get that low, in that position. Then getting back to one's feet is maybe harder.
  7. Can you tell me exactly where to find the fuse panel or fuse block in my 1963 R1 ? Thanks, Daryl
  8. The subject has come up before about trying to fit a 670-15 modern tire in the Avanti's spare tire well. I searched for quite a while among literally hundreds of tire offerings for a full size spare that would fit in the spare well. All of the 670-15 tires I looked at were just slightly too wide when inflated on the factory 5" rims. Tires needed to be less than 7" [actual measurement, not "list" measurement] to fit and allow the spare cover to close. Finally, I found a tire by Coker that would work . It is Coker American Classic Collector Radial Tire 6.70-15 Radial 700312. Price is very high at $250 delivered, but I've spent worse money. The tire has the bias look, but they say radial construction. Section width is listed at 6.59", but I think mine is very slightly larger, but just under 7". I believe they offer a similar tire [maybe the same number] in bias construction. Sorry, no whitewalls. Several vendors sell the tire on ebay, amazon, and the Coker website. All seem to be the same price.
  9. The old manuals specify Type A Suffix A transmission fluid. This type seems long gone. What transmission fluid do you recommend ? Can transmission fluids be mixed when adding a bit ? Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the thoughts above. I am not much of a mechanic, so need all of the help I can get. After thinking about the problem , it must have been either the solenoid or starter, of course. Since I had strong lights I reasoned there must be power from the battery to the solenoid. To find out if I had power to the starter, I hooked a jumper cable to the starter side of the solenoid and then touched the other end of the jumper to the positive post on the good battery. A few sparks, but the starter turned over , and then I immediately disconnected the jumper from the battery. I guess this told me that the solenoid was not giving power to the starter. Just for the hell of it, I tried to start the car again. After trying to start it 3 or 4 times, I only got a fairly solid solenoid click each time, but no starter. The fifth try activated the starter. After running the car a bit I turned it off and tried again. One click, no starter, then the second try activated the starter. I had purchased a new solenoid, but wanted to make sure the old one was broken. I cleaned the starter side terminal on the solenoid and reassembled. Now the car seems to start on each starting try, so maybe it was a bad connection that needed cleaning. We live in a semi remote area, so I still don't have complete confidence to take off in the car alone, and hope to get back home, but all ran just fine this afternoon. I'll keep the new uninstalled solenoid just in case, but with everything seeming to work, I'll not install it now. Again, thanks for the help, Daryl
  11. Not sure if this is a perfect match, but they might be able to help. Also, if you need just a small amount of fabric, there are quite a few folks who do Avanti restorations. One of them may have removed the fabric you need while doing a restoration. http://avantiparts.biz/upholstery-avanti-63-to-71/
  12. I have a 1963 Avanti and a hydraulic jack and jack stands. I wish to jack up the front end and install jack stands in front. I understand that the rear wheels should be blocked during this process. 1. What is the proper point to place the jack when raising the front end ? 2. Where should the jack stands be placed after raising the front end ?
  13. Just tried to start my automatic shift Avanti , and starter would not "kick in". As the key is turned, there is a solid click [not a chatter sound], but the starter does not turn over. A check of the battery shows it to be fully charged, and a test of trying to start while the headlights are on shows no dimming of the lights during the attempt. Are there any easy suggestions to solve this problem ? In the past there have been no starter issues. Thank you
  14. Thanks again to all. I ordered a few items to try out. My hope was to make the 56 year old paint look its best , without doing any harm.
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