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  1. Gunslinger Thank you for the response. Looked at both the rebuild and the Turner Brake conversion. Big factor was that all for Dunlap four calipers have be machined out and new stainless steel inserts install. The information I have is that it was done by Whitepost Restoration four or five years ago but the pad supports and retainers were not replaced and have since badly rusted. The cost of new seals and the pad supports and retainers plus new pads, "should be" less than the Turner conversion assume my time is worth zero. Although I will probably eat those words after I have spent time getting the shimming done correctly. I will post my results, cost and labor when this brakes are back on line. I did not call Myers. Should have been my first call. Thanks again. You are always a wealth of good ideas and suggestions. John Priester
  2. I am rebuilding the Bendix/Dunlap brakes on my 63 Avanti. All parts are rusted and I need to replace the Pad Retainers P/N 1100-27 and the Pad Supports P/N 1100-27 both of which are rusted out or pieces rusted off. I have search the web and all the Avanti parts suppliers I could find but no one I can find has these parts. So is there any source that I have missed for getting replacements for these parts? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks John Priester
  3. I am want to re-chrome the bumpers on my 1963 Avanti. I want a quality re-chrome but the car will be a driver not a show car. I am located in Cincinnati, Ohio can anyone know of a good re-chroming shop in or near Cincinnati? Thanks John Priester
  4. Guessing this has been addressed before but here goes. I am trying to rebuild the original Dunlap calibers on my 63. When I attempt to pull the caliber piston out of the housing I get A LOT of resistance from the piston sliding off the center pin. Also when I attempted to put the piston back in after lubricating the new seals and pin with new brake fluid, had to press it in with an arbor press. Stoppewd after a 1/2" as this seems wrong. Would like to rebuild them in lieu of the $150 per caliber it cost to by new/rebuilt ones but I would like to have "Sophia" stop reliably once I get her back on the road. Any thoughts? More info needed to answer? Thanks in advance and all have a Merry Christmas and Great New Year. John Priester
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