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  1. I also used the H7137 brake kit for all hardware and springs
  2. Thanks Brad. I am embarrassed that I had to ask! After posting I found the old rubber and yes, it slid in the extrusion. After I compared the profile of it and the new piece, I saw my error. what is more frustrating is that I ordered a rubber kit for a 78, from one of the major vendors and I got this piece. I’ll check out the other options you listed More cost and more time lost.! thanks for responding Brad
  3. i have the same channel but the rubber piece I received in my 'Rubber Kit' will not fit into the channel. per the pictures it would appear that it sits on top of the channel. There are 6 holes in both the channel and the rubber but only 5 of them line up! If I am correct then there is a hollow space between the metal channel and the Rubber? unfortunately this is one area a forgot to take a lot of pictures when disassembling! It's been a few years since I disassembled it. I am assuming that when installing on the body the order is: Butyl Rubber caulk, Rain Gutter, Metal Channel, Rub
  4. Opps meant sent email. What do you want for it?
  5. Sent address via messenger
  6. Need a little help here. Still waiting on my car to get back from painters (2nd time) and I am buffing the trim. Seems I am missing one of these. It is the joiner between the trim on the front of the door opening to the drip rail above the door. It might be the same as the joiner on the inside console trim but I don’t have the car here to compare. Does anybody have one? Yes I know of Nostolgic and Meyers but thought I would try here 1st. Thanks
  7. I’m also using a little rubbing compound with the steel wool on the worst scratches. Then polishing compound
  8. Thank you. Just needed it confirmed before trying to buff or polish. There is a LOT of stainless trim to buff out and polish! Unfortunately there are some deep scratches in the chrome. Not going to re-chrome but will try 0000 steel wool and hopefully the shine will hide (detract) the scratches!
  9. I am in the process of buffing all the stainless trim pieces and then came to the front vent window assembly. I have the assembly out and I have removed the actual vent window. Is the channel around the actual glass stainless? looks to be. Is the assembly that the framed glass, stainless or Chrome plated. I think it is Chrome plated. Also, anybody know where I can get the 1/8" flat head rivets to hold the front weather strip in?
  10. you might have to check the alignment of the vent window now. there are adjustment screws to adjust the angle of it.
  11. The holes are much larger than the screws. Might be the paint around the hinges and the large compression/star washers, but I would of thought if you loosened them all at the same time, the weight of the door would have broken that. If you remove 1 screw all the way out, you will see the amount of play. I would suggest that before you try moving anything, mark a scribe line where the hinges are currently on the door
  12. Avanti Magazine Issue 163, Summer/Fall 2013 had a great article describing how to align doors and windows. I was lucky enough to get a copy of this edition form a fellow club member. I do not know if Robert Johnstone's website has any articles on it but you might check. good luck
  13. I have 2. they would need speaker cloth and repainted. $25 shipping included?
  14. Sorry for the post. After looking again it is indeed on the neutral safety switch. the connector was loose.
  15. Where is the switch that controls the backup lights in a 78? I thought it would be in the shifter housing but after taking that apart, no switch only the indicator light. Is it connected on the neutral safety switch on the column? I don't see it.
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