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  1. JensonHealey By all means join, it will help you a lot. http://aoai.org Mike
  2. Interesting point Jack, but I have a feeling that orange shag carpet and bell bottoms will come back in style before those OEM buckets! I’d like to come in and see your car sometime. Have you taken it to Harrington? Mike
  3. I had a sales brochure from the 70’s that touted the custom interior combinations. A really neat selling point if you wanted to have your car built to your taste, but it’s hard to imagine spending that much money for a car and then doing that to it! If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we must have had different eyesight back then. Mike
  4. John Not sure about the wheelchair but here is a walker I used a couple years ago after I had my knee replaced. I’m 6’4”, it’s extended, and it fits easy in my 83. Dwight has a good point, take your wife and see how she does getting in and out. Mike
  5. Goodin My car originally had a moonroof and a previous owner removed it. Turned out very nice Dan Booth of Nostalgic Motors has NOS roof skins advertised in the latest Avanti magazine. He also has a wealth of information. Good luck. Mike
  6. We used masking tape to hold things together when we installed rope in windshields. It held things together fine and tore when the rope got to it, and was easy to remove inside and out. Mike
  7. Try putting some type of rubber hose as a spacer and adjust the hood latches up. And let us know. Mike
  8. I guess a question I would have is at what point does the “make it special” factor get outweighed by the cost factor? My 305 certainly is no hot rod, but I wonder if the cost of an LS vs a crate 350, say 330 hp or so would make it that much more fun. Kind of limited by tires, suspension, and brakes at some point, but a LS would look good at show. I realize there is probably no right answer for this, but how about some of you with high hp conversions weighing in if you feel like you got a good bang for your buck. Thanks, Mike
  9. I went to the local Pull and Save and bought a quadrajet and Intake manifold off a 1976 Chev 4x4. $20. A local retired Napa guy rebuilt the carb for $100. The electric thing on my 83 hasn’t given me much trouble other than it seems to run rich. We’ll see how it turns out. Mike
  10. Give Dan Booth at Nostalgic a call. He likes the look and has done it to the later cars. 248-349-4884
  11. My 64 Daytona R1 4 spd had a tach and a 160 mph speedometer. Funny an R2 wouldn’t. Mike
  12. Welcome Glennon In Washington State one can license their older vehicle as a “collector’s vehicle” and only a rear plate is required, while the average vehicle must display front and rear. The collector vehicle classification does limit the use of the car-it can’t be used as a daily driver. Check your state regulations for how you intend to use your car Also, check this recent link. Mike http://aoai.org/forums/topic/15711-front-license-plate/
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