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  1. I went to the local Pull and Save and bought a quadrajet and Intake manifold off a 1976 Chev 4x4. $20. A local retired Napa guy rebuilt the carb for $100. The electric thing on my 83 hasn’t given me much trouble other than it seems to run rich. We’ll see how it turns out. Mike
  2. Footer

    Tire size

    Give Dan Booth at Nostalgic a call. He likes the look and has done it to the later cars. 248-349-4884
  3. My 64 Daytona R1 4 spd had a tach and a 160 mph speedometer. Funny an R2 wouldn’t. Mike
  4. Welcome Glennon In Washington State one can license their older vehicle as a “collector’s vehicle” and only a rear plate is required, while the average vehicle must display front and rear. The collector vehicle classification does limit the use of the car-it can’t be used as a daily driver. Check your state regulations for how you intend to use your car Also, check this recent link. Mike http://aoai.org/forums/topic/15711-front-license-plate/
  5. In Washington State I have a collector vehicle plate, a one time purchase that goes on the back only. There are restrictions so it won’t work for a daily driver. Looks like Maryland has an “historic vehicle” category but your car has to be fifty years old. The Chevy dealership I worked at in college used dealer plates with springs and clips the hooked on the rear bumper, never tried it on the front but it could probably be done to withstand the wind. I agree the Avanti looks better without the front plate. Mike
  6. Looks like a good candidate as a museum piece.
  7. Footer

    Dash Pad

    That’s going to look nice. Mine are already cut, just need to bend the instrument panel and of course the gauge removal. Thanks.
  8. Footer

    Dash Pad

    R2W, I’m thinking of changing my yellowing and peeling brushed aluminum dash and console to the 83 black 20th anniversary style. Any tips you want to share? Did you have to bend the dash piece or was it already bent? Thanks, Mike
  9. Not only would a six not have fit the performance image of the Avanti, the length of the engine would probably been an issue. They might have had to mount the radiator on the front bumper! Mike
  10. I love the “sloper” in my 81 4x4 stepside, but I can’t imagine having one in my Avanti! The decision to use the SBC made sense at the time and turned out to be probably the best choice as years went by as folks had lots of options to upgrade their engines. Mike
  11. If you are worried about a judge that probably couldn’t decipher what was original throughout an Avanti II anyway, leave the black cover on for the judge, then put your chrome cover back on so you can enjoy the look the other 99.9% of the time! I agree with Jim and Gunslinger. Enjoy your car the way you like it. Most people don’t know what an Avanti is anyway, let alone what air cleaner it had. Mike
  12. I’m 6’5”, so I sit so high in most rigs the rear view mirror interferes with my view out the windshield. The only thing a low mirror does to me is block the view of the hood. I’ve thought about lowering the one in my 83. Make sure you get it where you want it when you glue on the new mount, that glue grabs quick!
  13. I was introduced to Studebakers in the late sixties when my folks bought a 56 Sky Hawk as an extra car. I’d never heard of an Avanti, but after I did I was smitten and followed the car through the Newman/Altman years, then through Blake and Kelly I would read the brochures and articles of how the Avanti was different from factory built cars, that the assemblers took their time to make everything just right when they put them together by hand. Although quality was advertised, it sounds like it wasn’t always the result. I finally bought mine two years ago, 1983 RQB 3771. It is about the end of the line for the chrome bumper era, the style I like the best. I enjoy mine and hope you find one that brings you pleasure. Good luck with your search, Mike
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