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  1. Yes front fender is much closer to original Studebaker specs. Sorry I build cars not computers so I don’t have a clue how to rotate the pictures. I feel like a hero just getting them posted
  2. I love the 63 round light but did not have the heart to use an original Studebaker to build a hot rod, so I am making my 73 look 10 years older than it is
  3. First time on ground with body on frame. All previous work was on frame table. I am happy as I was going for low but drivable and the rake of an orig 63. I can now finish upper body work and then move on with build.
  4. Jim, Thank you for the reply and pictures. I am concerned about the closed pressure as I have had similar issues with both street rods and corvettes in the past. The Avanti hood hinge arrangement is not the best. Thanks Again Dave
  5. Thanks for the info and pictures. I can get the struts and hardware no issue. They are sold in 10 lb increments so I should be able to get it close
  6. Has anybody replaced the stock hood prop with gas springs? My choice would be one on each side to hold the hood even Thanks
  7. Wasjunk


    Wanting to purchase an R3 carb enclosure. Orig or repo does not matter
  8. You can check with Flaming river online or feel free to call or message me and I will do what I can to help you. They can be modified to about any configuration or length to suit your needs. Parts for the rag joint can be obtained also to help if needed Dave Carnock d.carnock@carnockcreations.com Carnock Creations Des Moines Iowa 515-265-0293
  9. As an owner of a shop that builds street rods and also an Avanti owner I am sure you can use a Flaming River tilt column. They are paintable and can be ordered in either a 2 inch or 1 3/4 inch diameter tube. They also make in diff lengths. The only issue is the spline is GM for steering wheel.
  10. I worked most of the day on trunk lid. I installed new rubber and shimmed. It fits fair and latches fine. I am still not happy with lose pins. Took back apart and taking hinges to shop and FIX properly. I will report back as to my solution. Drilling and using locking shoulder fasteners with nylon shims is what Im thinking right now?
  11. All of the above is what I am working on today. It is in bare glass now as I am just getting panels set for final body work and prime
  12. Putting new on today will see thanks
  13. Slop is worn or lose pins and holes. Front edge dips down before hinge starts to open. This is causing interference between lid and body when lifting. Might be common problem but it is for sure not acceptable. Will rebuild these if necessary to correct issue
  14. I have replaced the springs with new from Dan. Still mot happy with the slop in the operation of opening the lid
  15. Has anybody rebuilt trunk hinges to get rid of the slop or are there any new ones out there?
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