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  1. I have had luck with an air powered gasket scraper. They vibrate more than work like a air chisel. A regulator on the air line helps with not being to aggressive.
  2. Thank you Unreal amount of hours to get here and many more to go!
  3. Completed work at my shop I wanted to get done including complete exhaust system, air intake system for LS motor and AC heat system hose routing and holes needed to complete body work. Back at home shop started first round of block sanding this weekend. Still a long way to go.
  4. Through the window openings works fine. I have had mine on and off many times while building the new chassis. I do support it where the body mounts are while off the frame and on the body cart.
  5. I put new troughs in. Treated inside with epoxy before installing using panel bonding epoxy and stainless avex rivets to attach bonding strips and also to body. Very happy with the result as body is very ridged. Door alignment does not change even on hoist they open and close perfect.
  6. Thanks for the positive comments. This is a tough group to accept a modified Avanti.
  7. Finally had a hoist at my shop open long enough to complete the exhaust on my project. System is 2 1/2 inch with balance tube. Will be ceramic coated on final assembly. Time to start final blocking and paint prep.
  8. What are you looking for
  9. Yes to answer your question. I have changed the headlights on my 73 to round. I was lucky and found a 63 that was being parted out and was able to use original fiberglass parts. Both inner and outer panels have to be changed to do the job correctly. Somewhat involved but nothing that is impossible.
  10. Was the turquoise color the same for 63 and 64? I see pictures where some are robin egg blue looking and some are a metalic looking vinyl? Thanks Dave
  11. Reply to Goodin, I did build my frame but it is not Corvette front suspension. I used a Art Morrison front crossmember and components. There are photos floating around but do not have a file. I have installed Corvette fronts in street rods over the years. Be very mindful of track width. The Corvette is wide and then will require a wheel with a ton of backspace. Reply to mfg Thank you for the kind words. I am thinking I might go black but until I pour the paint in the gun it could change?
  12. First round of body work complete including first prime. Bumper fits complete. Lower rear panel removable and also front spoiler. Sitting on custom built chassis with LS power
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