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  1. Looks like the bracket has one tab that sticks up & attaches to one bumper bolt. Appears to be a spacer that sets it back a little from the bumper also. Looks like an O.E. grade bracket, not a thin aftermarket one. Mike Sal
  2. The front plate on our '70 is offset to the passenger side. I'll see if I can take a look at what the bracket looks like. The car was sold new to someone in Ohio....not sure if they had 2 plates or not. Mike Sal
  3. I recently swapped aluminum intake & water pump onto our '70....intake went from 39 lbs to 15 lbs. Forgot to weigh the water pump, but was lighter for sure. Mike Sal
  4. Anyone have any step by step tips for converting my stock 70 over to the 200r4? I picked up a rebuilt tranny Friday & want to start gathering up the bits & pieces prior to pulling the old tranny out. What did your new rear cross member look like? What rear mount did you use? How much does the drive shaft have to be shortened? What kind of bracket did you use to mount the cable near the carburator?.....questions, questions. Mike Sal
  5. The antenna is broken off of our RQA 0330, and the radio doesn't work (at least I was told it only makes harsh noises....I didn't try it). I have a replacement antenna & will install it soon to re-check the radio. If the antenna isn't the true issue, what is the best way to remove the radio from the dash (the radio is the original AM with the little shiny strip to hide the Studebaker name). The car has AC & it almost looks like removing the entire dash is the only way. Any advise is appreciated. Mike & Sonya
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