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  1. 20191102_185756_78Avanti_000006.pdf
  2. Found one.....Thank You!
  3. Need a recommendation for a replacement for my R2.....(not interested in an electric unit)
  4. The seal around the sunroof on my 79 needs replacing.....any suggestions? Where can I get the seal? Have you done it yourself?
  5. What is the difference between a sun and moon roof?
  6. Bring your Avanti.....
  7. Avanti LTD is a Northern California club that has existed nearly 50 years but was kicked out of AOAI for allowing widows to remain in the club even though they were not members of the national club.....go figure! I am a forty year member who left Avanti LTD as they just didn't seem to care about supporting AOAI...very short sighted if you ask me!
  8. The date is set: Saturday April 27th 2019, 11-3, Grupe Park, Stockton CA. Avanti LTD members (no longer affiliated with AOAI ?....the reason I dropped out☹️) and three SDC Chapters plus special guests from the Pacific Gold Country Rambler Club. PM me for details....
  9. Could be!....I'm just happy to have this challenge in the past......Thanks to all who shared their ideas......(Still love my Avanti....she's been with me since day 1 and will be until the the final day.....). ...then my nephew gets her.....he keeps dropping banana peels in front of me.....I wonder why?
  10. I have to disagree....the cable splitter had been on the car since new....never a problem until a professional tune up......then the static started.....they rechecked everything and couldn't find the problem...two years later the shop has new service manager and new technician who had a great electrical reputation....I got the new folks to recheck everything again.....they added a "radio noise suppressor" and removed the cable splitter, put a new tip on the buggered up antenna cable and connected direct to the radio....whalla!.....no static!
  11. Turns out it was an "antenna splitter" used to add an optional CB radio......I removed it and added a new tip to the antenna cable and PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks to all who offered suggestions.....
  12. Thanks, I'm the original owner. This "can" mounts to a bracket that is attached to the dash board cover. Nothing is visible other than "tune" with an arrow pointing right and the number....the end of the antenna cable is "loose".....going to take it to radio shop to see if they can repair/replace. I'm thinking this is the source of my static issues.....
  13. Can anyone identify exactly what this is....my guess: interference filter? The antenna plus into it and one of the two cables connects to the radio.....the second cable goes no where....
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