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  1. Steering Play Lots of play in the steering... · Check the center pivot cinch bolt. The steering bell crank is attached to the pin by means of a grade-8 bolt that must be tight to secure the bell crank to the pin. If the bolt is loose, there will be up and down movement and lots of steering play. The torque spec on the pinch Bolt? 60 to 65 Ft. Lb. · Check all tie rod ends for play. With the steering wheel centered on the steering gear high point, the wheels should be pointed straight ahead. If this is not the case, the car needs to go in for an alignment and t
  2. You may also want to have the driveshaft balanced.
  3. My '82 Avanti-II shuddered like I was driving over railroad ties, especially noticeable under acceleration. I suspected the U-joints and had them replaced. That didn't cure the problem. When the starter went bad, the mechanic who removed the old starter found that the plastic cover under the bellhousing was pinched by the starter and rubbing against the teeth on the ring gear. A Dremel tool relieved the interference on the plastic cover and that fixed the shudder. I experienced a similar "driving over railroad ties" sensation driving my Wagonaire home from a tire shop where I had
  4. Redline 80W140 GL-5 Gear Oil If it was good enough for Ted Harbit, it's good enough for me.* · Contains additional friction modifiers for suitability with clutch-type limited slip differentials - for most LSDs, no additional friction modifiers are required. · This product is not designed for use in manual transmission or transaxles with synchronizers, as its slipperiness may lead to shifting problems. · Popular in stock car racing differentials and transmissions* · Fully-synthetic formulas created from polyol
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