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  1. IMO, if you have to pay to have all of the work done, either live with your car as it is or sell it and buy something else. If you do farm the work out, at least have "time is of the essence" in the contract with a reasonable end date.
  2. studegary

    Avanti FRP!

    FRP usually means fiberglass reinforced plastic. I bought a 1987 new and do not remember this term being used for anything else.
  3. 3) Sceptre (I would have bought one new.)
  4. I do not think that the change would have much of an effect on the value of the car in either direction. Some will like the change and some won't. If it runs good, I would leave it alone and just enjoy it for what it is/does. Part of the answer lies in how long you plan on keeping the car. It is built to be a cruiser, not a sports or muscle car.
  5. I am going to guess 4) final road test. That would be for 158 Avantis built for that year.
  6. I do not know his car, but I will guess true since I seem to remember that two of the nine were black.
  7. For a Studebaker item, I would think that the number would be low, so I will say 1) 900.
  8. If the "RS2389" is stamped into the top front of the block and not "on the intake" it would indicate a 1963 model year R2 engine block.
  9. I noticed this and thought that the Administrator would move it.
  10. studegary

    Last Avanti?

    I think that it may have been the last Avanti off the production line even though it was not yet completed.
  11. studegary

    Last Avanti?

    Since R5642 was built at the same time and was also an R3, perhaps you feel that this one finished up last.
  12. This reminds me of when I had my Acura at the local Mercedes-Benz dealer. The dealer told me that M-B no longer offers chrome wheels because they do not last. I had him look at my Acura's chrome wheels that were more than a dozen years old at that time and still appeared as new. Bob Bourke put knock off Borrani wire wheels on his custom 1954 Starliner. When we redid the car, we priced getting the wheels rechromed. That caused us to paint the wheels with aluminum paint (IIRC), that is still on the wheels, on the car at the SNM.
  13. studegary

    Last Avanti?

    Please explain your conclusion.
  14. That $1450 was the upcharge over the steel wheels and wheelcovers that would have been standard. I do not believe that I ever saw a 1980 with regular steel wheels. Most 1980s that I remember had Magnum 500 wheels. I know that none of this helps to answer your question - just my comments. With 147 1980 Avantis built, I guess that some others had wire wheels and someone here can answer your question.
  15. It must be those three foot eight inch (44 inches) holes that do the job 😃. I know that you mean 3/8" (three eighths of an inch)
  16. studegary

    Last Avanti?

    That depends on your definition. It was the last regular production Avanti. Early prototype Avantis were upgraded and received higher serial numbers, but didn't come off a production line later. Not an Avanti, but other Studebakers came off the production line later, such as Zip Vans. IMO, the statement is true.
  17. studegary

    Avanti Name!

    I have heard the term, "plastic Lark", but I thought that came later than the prototype.
  18. studegary

    Avanti Name!

    I would think Egbert's toy.
  19. Since you have the belts, how about repairing them and installing new webbing? I would be surprised that Avanti did not use the belts from the 1987 Monte Carlo that much of the 1987 Avanti came from.
  20. Addition of X-member to Lark type frames. Changing the length of the frames.
  21. I thought that Egbert took a medical leave of absence and then shortly later resigned as President of Studebaker.
  22. Wouldn't that be "security", an answer previously rejected?
  23. studegary

    "B" Series!

    Then you disagree with my old notes and John Hull's book (I just checked).
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