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  1. r1lark

    Avanti Display!

    The twentieth anniversary of the forming of what was to become Molded Fiber Glass company?
  2. Well, this one sent me to google. Here is a link to some info on the sale: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1986-07-01-fi-750-story.html I guess based on this, I'll say your answer #3 comes the closest.
  3. r1lark

    Reworked VS-57!

    Well I thought it was the drive element set too. So, I'll hazard a guess and say the oiling system. I base this on the fact that they brought out the direct oiling version, dipstick oil coolers, etc to try to improve the oiling system.
  4. r1lark

    Avanti 63R-1024!

    How about Vince?
  5. r1lark

    Avanti 63R1457!

    Ed, after Regnalbob posted his original answer that I quoted, it looks like he dug into some other sources (see his response less than an hour ago quoted above) and found some additional interesting information.
  6. r1lark

    Avanti 63R1457!

    Gary is right, I just hit the 'quote' button on Regnalbob's post, he is the one who had the correct answer. I know, Ed, that you have him blocked but the more folks that can join in here the more fun it is . I meant no offense at all to you Ed. Sorry that I could not chime in earlier but we have been vacationing in the wilds of New Mexico for a week with little to no phone/internet signal.
  7. r1lark

    Avanti T-10!

    I'm not disputing that the flange lends support to the input shaft. But the correct description per the Studebaker Avanti Parts Manual is "Flange, front, case". I'm trying to answer the trivia questions using advice that you gave Gary and I a few weeks ago: "In personally dealing with automotive parts departments and suppliers for more years than I can remember, I've learned how important it really is to 'nail down' the item I'm ordering... by using the CORRECT TERMINOLOGY." (As an aside, I have always called this piece the input shaft bearing retainer or just bearing retainer. And.........you do know I'm just picking on you Ed, don't you? )
  8. r1lark

    Avanti T-10!

    Ed, I don't think there is such a thing as a Studebaker "input shaft support flange", at least not such a thing listed in the Avanti parts manual. It's ALWAYS best to describe a part accurately! There is a "Flange, front, case" listed - is this what you are referring to? If so, the answer would be false, it's actually marked T85C-60.
  9. Feel it has to be 10:1 or above, so I'll go for broke and say #4 10.5:1 CR.
  10. r1lark

    Avanti 'TMC"!

    I'll redeem the points on a bunch of NOS Studebaker parts. What do you have Ed? And to get even some more extra points, here is a can of Packard TMC!
  11. r1lark

    Avanti 'TMC"!

    OK, found these pics of a semi-rough can of TMC so I didn't have to go unpack mine. The "T" stands for "Thunderbolt".
  12. r1lark

    Avanti 'TMC"!

    Item 3 - Engine bearing/valve/ring life. This is an oil additive, T(?) Motor Conditioner.
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