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  1. r1lark

    Paxton 'GSS'!

    Since it was applied to a Dodge Demon sold by Chicago's Grand Spaulding Dodge (the famous MoPar high performance dealership), GSS meant either 'Grand Spaulding Special' or 'Grand Spaulding Supercharged'. Here is an article on the car (sorry for the 'scan' written over it):
  2. r1lark

    Avanti R5361!

    And if someone really wants this acrylic lacquer, I can probably be talked out of it........
  3. r1lark

    Avanti Glove!

    False.......there were changes to the outer upholstery panel on the glovebox door, to the lock/housing assembly, to the key, and to the glove compartment light switch. Maybe more, but a few for examples.
  4. r1lark

    R4309 Change!

    The carpet on the seat back (ie, on the trunk side of the seat back) was eliminated.
  5. r1lark

    Avanti R4330!

    Three speed manual transmission?
  6. r1lark

    Avanti 56!

    Rare? Could it be the Firestone 500 tire option number?
  7. r1lark

    Avanti 56!

    Whitewall tires?
  8. 49%.......................
  9. r1lark

    Avanti R4730!

    Very carefully, you don't want to go against it's grain.........😆..🤐
  10. r1lark

    Avanti R4730!

    Wood grained instrument panel?
  11. r1lark

    Avanti R5183!

    Change in the manifold pressure gauge?
  12. Well, since you say this person was connected to the early development of the Avanti, I'll go with Bob Andrews.
  13. r1lark

    Golden Award!

    According to this ad, it was the '55 Speedster:
  14. r1lark


    I'm thinking it's a license plate frame..................
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