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  1. Sorry, I forgot my phone number. 760-803-9949.Leave message if no answer. Thanks!
  2. 1963 R2 STUDEBAKER AVANTIStudebaker Avanti Gold color with Fawn/Regal interior. Number matching original drivetrain. 289 c.i. and 290 h.p. Paxton supercharged.Serial # 63R-2318, Body # 63R-1448, engine # RS-1582, built 12/03/1962.Optioned with supercharger, automatic, tinted glass, P.S., P.B., P.W., Twin Traction, electric washers, radio and antenna, whitewalls, starto-view mirror, seat belts.Engine, transmission, and rear end all work great. Engine has Avanti ( typical ) very small oil leak. Does not smoke. Sounds healthy trough glass pack mufflers. Starts easily. “Hog troughs” and rear crossmember look sound.Very good, all original, interior with new correct fawn/black (salt & pepper) carpet. Working gauges, radio, power windows, turn signals, interior and exterior lights, horn, lighter. Windows are all excellent with no cracks or fogging. Weatherstripping is great. Trunk has new carpet with original positioned jack, handle and wrench. Spare tire is a rare Allstate. The mercury trunk light even works. Has original keys and case. All locks work.Exterior Chrome and stainless are very good. The ( 1963 ) round headlights are glass. Stock hubcaps look as new. Tires are Firestone Deluxe Champion whitewall bias belt correct reproductions, and have 90% percent tread. Was repainted correct Avanti gold in the past and looks excellent. Has had extensive maintenance including either new or rebuilt carb, fuel pump and filter, alternator, master cylinder and hoses, battery and cables, tune up, hoses, and all fluids changed. Receipts and records available.Has the original dealer invoice dated 12/62, and production record. Has all original new owners books, including registration and name plate to original owner. Has complete owner history and registrations back to 1965. Also many original brochures and advertising materials. Car was purchased from the past owner of 35 years.This Avanti scored 389 points out of 400 at the Studebaker LaPalma event in Anaheim, Cal. in 2016. Was picked “Best Avanti” out of 10 competitors.The Hagerty Valuation Tool as of 2/2018 shows a value of $43,200 for Excellent and $71,400 for Concours.This very original and complete Studebaker Avanti should go to the next “caretaker’ who appreciates the Lowery Avanti! Price $35,000. This Avanti is near San Diego., Cal. Contact John at pawolls@cox.net. Thank you!
  3. Regnalbob, Thanks for posting the bulletins about the mirror. Is there a source for copies of all of these Avanti related service letters?
  4. WTB. Looking for a correct Air Cleaner Cover ( part # 1563231 or maybe # 156234 ) for a 1963 R-2. This cover is 6 1/4 in. in diameter and is polished metal or "flashed chrome". It is held on by a stud and wing nut from the air cleaner ( part # 1557240 or maybe # 1559479 ). I have one from another Studebaker car that was not polished and did not have the correct indentations, so it is not correct for a R-2. Thanks!
  5. Can someone post copies of bulletins # F-1964-7 and # F-1963-18. Thanks! BTW, Sorry about your cold temperatures, but not as bad as my wifes feet!
  6. schuyler


    On the lower control arms pivot shaft ( part # 532188 ) of the front suspension both the left and right shafts have a "half moon" shaped tab with a hole in it. What are these tabs used for? I use them to hook up tie downs when trailering my Avanti ( no, this does not hurt the alignment ). Your thoughts? Thank you!
  7. As always a wealth of knowledge on this forum. Thank you!
  8. On page F-220 of the Avanti Authenticity Manual ( great resource ) the top picture shows the drivers side footwell. On the left side of that picture is what I refer to as the kick panel. At the top of the air vent is a covering. These "coverings" appear on both the driver and passenger footwells. Are these vinyl covered cardboard, vinyl covered plastic or what? How are they held in position? I assume they are the same color as the seats? Are they available from any venders? Thank you for your thoughts and Happy Holidays!
  9. Concerning the "Corvette" 327: I recently acquired an "Avanti II" Tagged car with VIN 0021. Feedback tells me it was "Built" in 1965. Got to the engine code stamped on the block and it is TI227R. The "T" indicates it was NOT a "Corvette " engine because supposedly,  all Corvette engines came out if Flint (F code prefix). Another source indicates the "R" suffix means it was a 1962 built 327/250HP engine and still another source says the R suffix just means Replacement or Crate Motor. I know 100% that this engine is the Original one put in by either Avanti Motors or whoever assembled the car. It was a showroom queen for two years and driven a lot by Managers and Reps in Conn until first Titled in 1967. I know it's the actual first Title because I  spoke  directly with the widow of the Original Owner for whom I have his 1967 Title. She was at the Car Dealer when he took delivery of the car because she put up the deposit. So maybe I have a 1965 "Avanti II" Assembled with a 1962 327 Non Corvette Crate Motor, A/C, PW, PB, PS, Tilt and Posi Traction.T-10 4 Spd and Hurst Shifter. PS - The fiberglass body was made with panels and bonding strips.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  

  10. schuyler


    So, I go to many local shows with my 1963 Avanti. I tend to be the only Avanti there and I tend to be the Avanti history teacher. I get many questions about the Avanti (63-64) verses the Avanti II. One that always comes up is the "Corvette" engine in the Avanti II. If I read right the GM engine in the Avanti II is a 307 C.I. If that is the case Corvette never had a 307 C.I. So, is the Avanti II engine just a GM passenger car engine and not Corvette? Thanks for facts on this issue.
  11. Wow, I got one right! When I got my Avanti I thought that I had a problem with my door switches. After much problem solving I concluded that the interior lights on my 63 aren't supposed come on as the door opens. So what purpose do the door switches have?
  12. That the interior lights went on as the door was opened?
  13. The 63 and up Avanti came with chrome exhaust pipe extensions. The original part # was 0403-25. They were called " deflectors ". Where can I find a after market " deflector " that is the same size and chrome as the original? I understand that a Studebaker vender has a replacement, but it seems over priced to me. Is there a more economical replacement. Or am I being a bit to thrifty? Thanks
  14. Once again you guys know your "stuff"! Thanks!
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