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  1. I have a feeling the upper 'skin' of your Avanti's hood may be separating from the underneath structure.... This situation is becoming quite common with Avanti hoods....If so, now would definitely be the time to re-bond these two fiberglass panels together.........Ed
  2. I assure you Gary, the Studebaker Avanti design, which most of us think quite highly of, would be very much different without the influence of RAYMOND LOEWY!.....'Nuff said!
  3. mfg

    Eighth R3!

    Not a bad guess, but unfortunately not the correct one! Anyone else like to venture a guess?
  4. mfg

    Discolored Avanti!

    Exactly!...Well done!
  5. mfg

    Eighth R3!

    Although it's probably not a good idea to make modifications to any of the nine "production line" R3 equipped Studebaker Avantis, one major modification was made to production R3 Avanti #8. What was that modification?
  6. When new, a few 1963 Studebaker Avantis painted "Avanti White" took on a' pink cast' in the area of the cowl air intake grille panel......What was the cause of this discoloration?
  7. No offense meant Gary, however, you shouldn't be picking on Raymond!!
  8. That's pretty lame Gary!....If you do not recognize the design of the Studebaker Avanti to be 'cutting edge' for its time, unlike anything else on the road, with a 'look' that still appears modern today....then please don't expect me (or anyone else) to explain it to you! Have to cut this short....Have to get to work! PS....Still find it hard to believe you didn't realize the 'Pirates Buckles' used on the interior door trim panels of 'late' Stude Avantis were not exactly the same piece as the 'Buckles' used on the exterior roof side panels!!
  9. The casting number you are looking for will be at the center of the three central cylinder head bolts, which are arranged in a' pyramid'.....(and NOT under the rocker arm cover!)
  10. I say cleverly adapt......as the rear edge of the Cadillac (?) 'V' no doubt needed to be re-worked to properly align with his Studebaker Avanti's nose panel contour. This gave R3422 a unique frontal 'look'....... Like NO OTHER Studebaker Avanti! If Mr. Loewy simply wanted to copy what General Motors did, he would have also installed a 'V' on the rear of R3422....and no doubt thrown in the Cadillac 'crests' for good measure! I believe you'll find it quite difficult convincing Avanti fans that Raymond Loewy was a copy-cat!
  11. I'd bet the original R2 heads were left on the engine.....not a bad thing as the 9-1 compression ratio afforded by those heads is just about 'right' for today's gasoline!..Ed
  12. Your assumption isn't true Gary!....the "piece in question" definitely IS the actual piece. Your Chrysler steering wheel center design example does not 'hold up'!
  13. mfg

    Avanti RQA-0042!

    Good thought, however that's not it!
  14. So what's so special about Avanti ll # RQA-0042?
  15. Come to think of it, using the exterior 'Pirates Buckles' on the inside of an Avanti almost HAD to be a Loewy idea that Studebaker liked and decided to copy. No doubt Loewy liked the 'look' of those 'buckles', and decided to use them to fill what he considered to be a 'void' found on the upper interior trim panel. I believe that Studebaker stylists would not have thought of re-using an exterior trim piece on the interior of their cars if they didn't see what Loewy did and liked it. Can anyone think of any other automobile exterior trim piece that was carried over to the interior? (Not just with Studebaker, but ANY domestic auto manufacturer)
  16. mfg

    Avanti PCV!

    Any other thoughts on this one?
  17. mfg

    Goodbye Sherwood!

    Your second answer, October, is CORRECT!
  18. mfg


    And #1 is CORRECT!
  19. mfg

    Avanti Flares!

    Bob Doehler is CORRECT!
  20. mfg

    Last "A"!

    And you are CORRECT!
  21. This same Studebaker Avanti was owned by Tommy and Bob Tompkins in the '70's.....It was in 'as new' condition back then, winner of several auto show trophies!
  22. mfg

    Last "A"!

    The last "A" series Avanti ll built was # RQA0 - - -. 1) 399......2) 400.....3) 423.....or 4) 449
  23. mfg

    Goodbye Sherwood!

    Sorry, ....November is not correct!
  24. mfg

    Avanti Woman!

    VIOLA!!....You are CORRECT!
  25. mfg

    Avanti PCV!

    Sorry....10/60 is not correct!
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