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  1. ranjo..Your Avanti is breathtaking! As an aside, the early sixties were a time of 'HOT' cars being sold by all the domestic manufacturers, and Sherwood Egbert certainly had a BIG performance push on for his new Avanti!! Be that as it may, I always felt Studebaker should have offered a more sedate version of the car to go along with the Hi-Po jobs. A smooth running Studebaker 259 V8, with a small four barrel carb and dual exhaust piped through QUIET mufflers might have had considerable appeal to the car buying public...especially to female drivers.......259, power steering, auto trans, A/C.....What a car!!
  2. Hi Randy......1955 through 1963 Studebaker V8's which have an engine serial number beginning with "V" are 259 cubic inch engines.....When you see a "VL" it means that this particular engine went into a car at Studebaker's Los Angeles assembly plant. If it's an EARLY 1955 "V" engine, it could possibly be one of the rather rare 224 cubic inch models. Considering that Stude's Los Angeles plant closed after 1956, your engine is probably a 1955 or 1956 259 cubic inch model.....259's are very nice running engines by the way!
  3. Interesting!...(and let me complement you on this very clear photo)......I'd guess that the original engine from your Avanti was changed out by someone over the years, and an earlier (pre '63) Studebaker block replaced it. '51-'62 1/2 Studebaker V8's did not have a full flow oil filter....If these earlier engines had any filter at all it would have been the 'bypass' type. It looks like whoever did the work did retain your Avanti's original 'R type' oil pan, as I can see the bolted on breather tube that only 'R' engines utilized. What is the serial number on this engine?...It can be found on a machined pad at the right front top of the block (as you view the engine from the front.)
  4. mfg

    "EX" Avanti Sale!

    ANSWER.......#4, April!
  5. mfg

    R3/R5 Avanti!

  6. In general, it's really too bad that in the last few years an automotive 'strip and paint" has become so darn expensive.....Also, many old time chrome plating shops have closed (mainly for environmental concerns) and the shops that remain all charge through the roof to re plate bumpers, etc. Not to be negative, as your Avanti sounds very promising, what with a solid frame & troughs, supercharged re-built engine, updated all new brakes, AND a VERY LOW serial number!! Still, the $$$$$ that will have to be spent on paint, interior, and chrome to make the car "right" will be considerable, and frankly $16,000 may be hard to attain in its present condition.....Best of luck though!..... (Many collector car fans would like to own your car!)..........Ed
  7. Thank you..that's good advice, as what happens in California normally works its way across the country!.....Best of luck with 63R2962!
  8. mfg

    R3/R5 Avanti!

    No other thoughts here?
  9. mfg

    Avanti "K"!

    Good guess!
  10. mfg

    Avanti Dates!

    Bob,....Oh-oh....I'll let you tell Fred! And it's very refreshing to see that you're "Studebaker Forum Mentality" is disappearing!
  11. mfg

    Avanti "K"!

    The "K" in the 1987 Avanti "RBK-----." serial numbers stands for.......?......
  12. mfg

    Avanti Dates!

    CORRECTION!....The end of Avanti automobile production in South Bend Indiana happened on August 15th, 1987.
  13. mfg

    Avanti Dates!

    Yes, that's it exactly!
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