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  1. mfg

    Odd Avanti!

    ANSWER....Actually Brad you may have worked on this one....It's EX2946....(R5653).... Engine# EX2123....Although the above description is its 1981 configuration....By the time it got to you the interior may have 'morphed'!!
  2. mfg

    Avanti Pulley!

    Studegary & Brad are both correct here....Brad is also correct in mentioning the factory H.O. Avanti crank pulley was made of aluminum.
  3. mfg

    Avanti Pulley!

    Although factory hi-output Avanti R3 crankshaft pulleys are a different diameter than standard R1-R2 pulleys, they are made out of the same material.....True?
  4. But Gary, I feel like a "sport" when I'm driving mine!!!
  5. mfg

    Odd Avanti!

    No thoughts about this?
  6. mfg

    R3 Disposal!

    It's too bad I must exclude Regnalbob from the posts which I see Gary, I realize that the man has a wealth of interesting Studebaker/Avanti info at his disposal, however, his posts always seemed to end up as confrontations rather than replies, and I, and no doubt everyone else, simply doesn't need that kind of stress. PS...Going forward, you may see the type of duplication which you've described.........I apologize for that.....Ed
  7. One more thing...about the tailights...It gave me much peace of mind after adding a modern 'third' brake lamp at bottom center of the rear window on my '83. (I drive it every day) It seems no matter what one does to improve the visibility of Avanti tailamps, they're just too darn small!
  8. mfg

    First Avanti!

    I want to mention that EX2944 MAY POSSIBLY be Studebaker Avanti #1....Info is a bit murky on that car! (Later re-serialed R5651) NEW (old) INFO.....It now seems R5651 indeed was assembled before R5652......Studegary was in all probability CORRECT here!
  9. Hello!..When I replaced the fuel sender in my own '83 Avanti a few years ago, I used a NOS unit made for a Studebaker Avanti....It fit perfectly and to this day works just fine! I also replaced the fuel tank inlet hose ( it was cracked) and found the '83 hose WAS NOT the same as the Studebaker version, since when the inlet was changed to accept unleaded fuel only the factory also changed the inlet and outlet diameters of the connector hose (between inlet and fuel tank) As your Avanti has a Dana '44' rear end, which was used in many vehicles, the pinion seal will be readily available at your local auto parts store......Order one for the FRONT axle of a (four wheel drive) 1980 Dodge pickup truck. The sender and '83 style inlet hose are available from any of our Studebaker/Avanti vendors....Try SI, or Dave Thiebeault, or John Meyer.
  10. This may have been a page from a somewhat rare Studebaker Avanti brochure given away at the 1962 Indianapolis '500' Race introducing Studebaker's new sports car!
  11. mfg

    First Avanti!

    ANSWER....The documentation I have indicates that the FIRST Studebaker Avanti was R5652! (formerly serial# EX2945,.... engine #EX2128,.....'Avanti White' exterior)
  12. mfg

    R3 Disposal!

    Many good attempts on this question, however the true ANSWER is........(drum role)........... After Studebaker stopped producing cars in South Bend the 'books' between the two companies were not exactly 'balanced'......Studebaker owed Prestolite $$$$$ for electrical items already received, and also 'yet to be shipped' items which Studebaker had suddenly cancelled. Under these circumstances, for the President of Prestolite Corporation to keep and drive what was essentially a 'gift' to him by Studebaker would put him in a very unfavorable light....Hence, bye-bye R3 Avanti!!
  13. mfg

    R3 Disposal!

    Good try Paul, but that's really not the reason he needed to 'lose' that R3 Avanti!
  14. mfg

    Shifty Avanti!

    EXACTLY!....it was a plastic tube that was pushed onto the stem base of the floor shifter.....It tended to wear away.
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