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  1. mfg

    rear end

    I have three "44" rear axles out of cars.....one 4.27....the other two are 3.07..... all three are in good shape, and one of the 3.07's I actually used under my own '63 Avanti for a few seasons...I later removed it and re-installed my Avanti's original 3.54 axle because I missed the 'snap' off the line! If your interested in one of these axles, e-mail Lew, the editor of Avanti magazine, he will send me your contact info and I'll respond.....Ed Lew's e-mail............editor@aoai.org (3.07 ratio tags on axles are 43/14) (all axles are NON-TT)
  2. mfg

    Rauen Avanti!

    Elementary my dear Watson!!......The Daytona racer (#28) was built at Dillon Enterprises, then located in North Liberty, Indiana....The Rauen Brothers worked there! (see...TW, Vol 15, Issue #5)
  3. Must have been a real thrill Bob......VERY COOL!
  4. mfg

    Rauen Avanti!

    ANSWER....#1, chassis/body work!
  5. mfg

    rear end

    Yes, I'll check either after work tomorrow or Saturday morning.....weather just too wet & miserable around here today!
  6. mfg

    rear end

    I'll have to double check, but I have either two 3.07 44 type axles...or two 4.27 44 type.... plus a few others.....It's been awhile, so I'll check that situation out tomorrow....I'm 20 miles south of Boston. I also have the Avanti traction bar brackets, but they would need to be welded onto the axle tubes.
  7. Yes Gary, the driveshaft would naturally have to be from a 109" wheelbase Lark equipped with a 44 rear end...a driveshaft from a 109" wheelbase Lark equipped with a 27 rear end would be approx. 2 1/2" too long! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
  8. Odd someone would swap a model 27 rear axle into a Stude Avanti,...... but any port in a storm I guess! Yes, the backing plates and drums are interchangeable between the 27 and 44....however, if you still have the factory Bendix discs up front, they are not compatible with the self-energizing rear drums which probably came on the model 27 axle. In my humble opinion, you should seek out someone parting a '78-'85 Avanti ll and purchase the complete rear axle assy....it would have rear drums compatible with discs up front (you'd need to add proportioning valve to system) and it would al
  9. mfg

    Rauen Avanti!

    All through here?
  10. Well, that explanation is good enough for me.....thanks!
  11. Murph, not to question this, but I'm wondering if this could possibly be another '64 Avanti owned (or used) by Mr. Egbert..and not R4130? If it is R4130 , someone went to A LOT of trouble to bring the car back to original (Paxton) condition! I recall that a man named Norris owned the car back in the mid '80's.
  12. I'd sure like to here more about the custom interior and exterior paint by George Barris......I don't remember these things ever being mentioned before in articles I've seen and read concerning Studebaker Avanti R4130!
  13. mfg

    R3 dual carb

    Thank you for the clarification.....Ed
  14. WOW!...that is one HISTORIC ad!!.....I can only guess at the asking price, and my guess is........$2500
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