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  1. Hi mfg......did you ever find out what happened to Dick Vaux's Avanti?

    Steve Remick

  2. mfg

    'Keyed' Avanti!

    ANSWER....These were the machined steel blocks placed below the specially machined main bearing supports adding strength to the 'lower end' of this Bonneville engine.
  3. mfg

    Avanti Operation!

    Thank you Mr. Lindstrom!
  4. mfg

    Avanti Operation!

    And you are CORRECT! PS...Gary, your PM inbox is full....Would you mind posting current 'tally' of '55 President Speedsters on SDC Forum for those interested?....Thanks!......Ed 336 Speedsters 'extant' in various conditions.........17 Speedsters definitely parted out. ( as of 2/16/20)
  5. mfg

    Shifty Avanti!

    Early advertising indicated that Studebaker considered offering a column mounted shifter for Avantis equipped with the three speed manual transmission.......True?
  6. Studebaker produced .....?..... 1963 Avantis equipped with the T-86 manual transmission. 1) 48.....2) 59......3) 67.....or.....4) 86
  7. The Studebaker Avanti "Operation Airlift" occurred in ......?..... of 1962.
  8. mfg

    'Keyed' Avanti!

    No thoughts here?
  9. mfg

    Regulated Avanti!

    I think your stab is right on the money! It seems 'production line' R3 Studebakers, (the nine '64 Avantis and Nels Bove's '64 Commander) did not have a fuel pressure regulator installed.....however....1964 Studebakers that had R3 engines installed at Paxton Products all seem to have that regulator! (An example of that is Nels Bove's '64 Daytona 'HRM' Special) I guess the next question would be ...."Why did the folks at Paxton feel the need to add a fuel pressure regulator to an R3's fuel delivery system"? .......Possibly assumed high-speed usage?
  10. mfg

    Compensated Avanti!

    That's it exactly!
  11. mfg


    And you are CORRECT!
  12. mfg


    In the interest of performance, ......?...... block 'Mopar' V8 intake manifolds have sometimes been adapted to Studebaker (Avanti) V8 engines. 1) Small........2) Big
  13. For what purpose was 1"X1" steel key stock added to Ron Hall's famous '1963' Studebaker Avanti Bonneville engine?
  14. On R1 and R2 Avanti engines, Studebaker recommended that the hot idle compensator valve be closed when setting.......?.......
  15. Some of the rare R3 engine installs in new 1964 Studebakers used a type of fuel pressure regulator on the engine.....others didn't use this device. Why is this?
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