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  1. You could try Avanti R3 type front engine insulators....they are about 1/2" thinner than the stock ones. If you try this, pay attention to the clearance between the crankshaft pulleys and the bellcrank....a concern only if your Avanti has power steering! For the R3 insulators call my pal Dave Thibeault.....Tel# 978-897-3158
  2. mfg

    Avanti 63R1457!

    No thoughts on this one?
  3. mfg

    Avanti Starters!

    And Gary is CORRECT!
  4. Never seen this problem before...It's a 'hairspring' that possibly could be found in a Grainger or McMaster-Carr catalog. I've recently seen NOS complete door lock assemblies for sale by different Stude/Avanti vendors...If your driver's door lock is worn, as most are after fifty+ years, it might not be a bad idea to replace the whole lock assy. with a new one.
  5. mfg

    Fuel tank leak

    It's possible that the fuel tank sprung a leak....Avanti fuel tanks have been known to leak at the spot weld locations (these welds secure the inner fuel tank slosh baffles) However, I'd first take a close look at the two rubber hoses that vent gasoline fumes from the tank....These two 1/4" hoses are notorious for cracking and allowing fuel odors to escape......with a full tank, the liquid fuel itself can leak out. Also, check the condition of the large rubber hose connecting the tank to the outside filler neck....That hose can also split open allowing fuel and/or fumes to escape.
  6. If the tires on your Avanti are in good condition, chances are that you'll not ever have a flat......especially if it's a 'limited use' vehicle. I'd look for a 'donut' type spare tire at a local auto graveyard (with the correct bolt pattern) and use some of that newfound extra space in the spare tire well for other things.... (tools, etc)
  7. What new item became optional on Studebaker Avantis beginning with serial number 63R-1457?
  8. Starting motors are interchangeable between Studebaker Avantis equipped with three speed and those equipped with four speed manual transmissions.......True?
  9. mfg

    New Avanti Owner!

    Sorry Gary, Steven Blake is incorrect! Anyone else want to take a shot here?
  10. Original Avanti windshield wiper motors have been in short supply for a long time......I've never really had a problem with one, however, I have noticed that the wiper motors used on the later Avantis (like on my '85) look similar to the motors used on some Studebaker Lark models....I wonder if Avanti Motors began using up a supply of Lark wiper motors which they had on hand? If this is so, a Studebaker Lark wiper motor, either new or used, should not be too hard to find.....Ed PS....of course, the harness wiring would probably need re-working!
  11. At the January, 1983 new car auto show held in Boston, Mass., a red and a white Avanti were displayed by Avanti Motors....The red one later ended up in the possession of......?........ 1) Geoff Newman.......2) Steven Blake.......Arnold Altman.....or......4) Lee Newman
  12. mfg

    1963 Seatbelts

    Have you tried Studebaker International?....I thought they sold seat belts in all the original colors?...(Updated belts...not original style)
  13. Wondered about the present status of 63R1025?....This Avanti is perhaps the most interesting Studebaker Avanti I've ever seen!
  14. mfg

    Avanti 63R1171!

    CORRECT ANSWER......#3!...Initially, 63R1171was used for Italian Auto Shows!
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