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  1. If you use a higher power bulb, you can melt the lens. I know from experience. George Rohrbach
  2. I had heard through the grapevine, so I don't know if it is true or not, that Steve Blake would have small manufacturers of wheels, do one off sets, telling them that if he liked them, he would buy a bunch for his cars. I suspect that is the case, on my 1985 Convertible, as I have also not been able to find others just like them. And I have one non-repairable wheel. so I switched to wire ones, which I do not like as much.
  3. More info on those 2 prototype convertibles. The first one that was by Richard Straman, in California : RQB 1582, a used car. The second one was by Mark Doyne in Florida: RQB 3370, a 1982 factory demo. There was a rumor that the factory also did one, by just cutting off the roof of a coupe, but I have never been able to substantiate that.
  4. 3. I own the first production one. Production numbers are RQC-4250, RQC-4251, RQC-4252 Note the RQC designation. NOT RQB!
  5. Mark, I liked your answer so well, that I read it to my wife. Then I told her it was extremely accurate. Wiggle is right!
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