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    Fiberglass repair.
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    And yes, I have used it on my Avanti!
  3. I am trying to do inventory on my stuff (big job). A while back, I bought a bunch of stuff, and among the items is a DELCO factory rebuilt, plastic wrapped, carb Rochester Quadrajet 24-3034, with service package. The other numbers that I have are: 07046904 on the box, and 07029207 2652 stamped on the carb body. The invoice is $164.04 dated 1983! My Avanti are a 1963 R1, and a 1985, so I don't think it is needed for use on mine. I don't remember what year Avanti II the people had, that I bought it from, so I would like to find out more info. What it fits, cu inch, if something has to be done to it before use, and realistic asking price. Anyone have info they could share? Thanks, George Rohrbach
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