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  1. Thanks for responding to my question Avanti83.The trans I used had an electronic hookup so we got the adapter.My old speedo cable is the correct length and fits my speedo but does not fit the adaptor.We have been un- able to come up with a cable that fits both ends so far.I was hoping someone else had done this swap and solved the same problem.Thanks again Bob
  2. Recently changed my Borg Warner 3 speed for a GM 700 R transmission in my 1971 Avanti.I'm having difficulty locating a speedometer cable compatable with the 700R and my factory Stewart Warner speedometer.Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.....also if anyone has use for the factory 3 speed shifter or any BW trans parts please feel free to contact me......Thanks Bob Suren
  3. Looking for 4 steel wheels for 1971 Avanti II...15 inch .Some Lark wheels may work.Bob Suren (772)924-1894 or toyobob@yahoo.com Thanks
  4. Does anyone know of a steel wheel that will fit a 1971 Avanti with Turner Brakes and accept 10" Lark dog dish caps? Thanks,Bob
  5. Does anyone know if there is a steel wheel that fits both an Avanti and Lark dog dish hubcaps Thanks Bob
  6. Thanks Gunslinger.Where did you purchase driveshaft & do you remember about how much it went for? Thanks again Bob
  7. Hi Corrected my previous post....Sorry for the confusion..... Installed 700R4 in my 1971Avanti.Need advise on modifying driveshaft & shifter.Would prefer to keep factory shifter but open to other sugestions.ie B&M.On driveshaft can I modify mine to accept 700R4 or do I need to purchase another.Have Dana 44 rear. Thanks Bob
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