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  1. I have a 1985 Avanti with wire wheels. I was going to get the front tires balanced and the tech said "how do I get that Avanti cap off"? Damned if I know. It twists but doesn't seem to be threaded. Don't want to take a crow bar to it. Does it just pop off or is there a trick
  2. Amazing. I haven't been on the forum for years, just signed in regarding my wire wheels on my '85 Avanti and there you are.. Went to have the front wheels balanced and tech says, how do you get that center cap off? Damned if I know. Does it just pop off? Don't really want to take a crowbar to it not knowing what I am doing. PK
  3. Hi,

    I have an 85 RQB and it's time for rear shocks.  Current ones are Gabriel's, and part number APPEARS to be 155s660.  Can't find this number in a Gabriel catalog.  Topic is briefly discussed in the Forum, but no specific part number is given.  Can anyone provide specific info (Monroe, AC Delco or Gabriel will work).

    Thanks in advance

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