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  1. TCP Global may be a good resource. They have an extensive library of colors and can provide acrylic lacquer.
  2. If they are indeed the bendix/dunlop you can purchase new sumitomo calipers from parts geek for around $80 each. They are labeled for Nissan. There are the correct 2 1/8. I believe larger 2 1/4 are also available that will fit into the caliper brackets. Look for 64 Jag XKE.
  3. 2) North American Rockwell. I have replacement door with a tag in it.
  4. I just looked up R5361. According to Fred Fox, it was also the first Avanti to be painted maroon.
  5. I thought this serial number sounded familiar. I made a post with pictures on May 14, 2015.
  6. That should be a 64 model engine built August 7, 1963. The 64 model engines used a different serial number scheme. The H indicates August, Followed by year, followed by day of month.
  7. If this is the correct change, they also reinforced both the seat bottom and back. A piece of molded foam was added under the upholstery for the sest back. At least that is how R5403 was built.
  8. How about the change to the thick seat backs?
  9. Finally had a chance to check parts book. My memory was faulty. The correct part number is 1568111 Fan blades (7 blade-17") special order. The 1560547 is for the 14" 5 blade fan for R3, R4.
  10. Just thinking out loud, but is it possible to assemble the fan blade backwards? I am about 1,000 miles from my cars and cannot check.
  11. I agree the 6 blade fan is loud. I changed back to original 5 blade and still had loud. Finally, after changing both the clutch and different 5 blade fan, the noise is substantially abated. Can you spin the fan with the motor off? The fan should rotate a couple of turns before stopping. If not, usually bad clutch (locked up). Did you try a known good clutch and fan blade? The one that came with my 64 looked OK. However it was not until I put on another that the noise went away. I believe there was a 7 blade fan available. I have one, but have not tried it yet as my fan
  12. If you have the pulley mentioned in the service letter, it would be 2 groove aluminum. Otherwise, you would have the standard 3 groove cast iron pulley.
  13. When I go to the SDC forum, I get what looks like Chinese. This started early in the morning. Has the site been hacked? Is the webmaster aware? Update: I sent email to the SDC forum webmaster.
  14. 1002. This was a previous question in 2015!
  15. ELV is for elk vinyl. The interior trim code. My 64 says 843 ELV. Maybe someone else can comment on 763. Perhaps it is the 63 code?
  16. Thanks. Great info.
  17. How much should be ordered?
  18. Why go to this trouble. I have 51 upper and lower arms with steel bushings. I am sure other have as well.
  19. Just curious where the factory R3 came from. Does any one know if there is a list of factory R3 engines?
  20. Can you provide serial number of car? Do you have production order from the Studebaker museum?
  21. Factory R3 serial numbers are in the form R3S followed by a letter for the month, followed by the number 3 (for 1963) followed by day of month. There may also be a 'B' number, most say it is located back by the distributor. This appears to be a rare factory block. That is why I stated that I would return it to R3 configuration. I wonder if it has the domed pistons and Howard's rods.
  22. If I decode the engine number correctly, the block is R3 assembled on 12/5/63. The head numbers seem correct for R3/R4. If it was up to me, I would attempt a full R3 restore and sell the R4 parts.
  23. My best guess is the plastic bushing at the end of the steering column is shot.
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