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  2. Talk to Leon. He might have what you are after in Melb. pb
  3. The first four cars were built together and used as demonstrators. The earliest painted body picture that I found is in black and white and the car is very dark, so I will say the answer is 1) black.
  4. if helpful, photos/images can also be sent to wckrueger@yahoo.com I "believe" carpeting changed "sometime" during Studebaker's short run of Avanti....Stay Tuned.
  5. 63R1388 - yes, please send what images you can. Most appreciate your help & cooperation! Bill
  6. Same goes for me... ol #388 went into hibernation in ‘72, and most of the small details are untouched.
  7. mfg


    Probably a single stage urethane....a good choice when dealing with a fiberglass body!
  8. mfg

    Avanti Loss!

    Before Steven Blake purchased Avanti Motors, he claimed the Altman's were losing........?....... on every Avanti they produced by late 1982 1) $850.......2) $1,800.......3) $2,700.....or.....4) $3,250
  9. The very first Avanti ll, RQA0001, was painted......?...... 1) Black......2) Maroon......3) Gold.....or......4) White
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  11. lschuc


    No... not my car. It's for a client of Brad's. And it is NOT base/clear. Single stage like original. 😎
  12. I've owned both early '63 and late (square light) Studebaker Avantis, and always thought that the black trunk carpeting was the same 'across the board'. I'd be interested to know if there actually were changes made in regard to Studebaker Avanti trunk carpeting during the production run.
  13. mfg


    Superior job!....And getting the body perfectly straight for a black paint job is truly SO much work! PS....I was wondering if this Avanti was originally painted 'Avanti Black'?.....I believe Lew's factory black Avanti has a black interior....Is this Lew's car??
  14. Ed.....I watched the video by dick and you are right, it's a R2  Speedo goes to 160 MPH & it's got the insignia on the fender.

    But I thought he told me it was a R1


    1. mfg


      A VERY desirable Avanti!.....And 'Avanti Turquoise' always has been my favorite 'factory' color!....Ed:)

  15. Actually I scrapped most of the glue off with a razor blade, same as I scrapped off all the paint off the outside of the car. All it need then was a light sanding except near the trunk lip where there was a lot of excess bondo. The carpet is 1 piece, not cut out for the tire well. So I am trying to decide if I keep it one piece and not glued down to access the spare, or cut out the circle and and sew on edging. I ordered the carpet from a site on ebay https://www.ebay.com/usr/benher58?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 They also had a full carpet set ($260) which I bought and and again was very high quality but was for a 63/64 and needed a little modification for the 78. Even included the door pieces and alternate pieces for AC or no AC.. I am also modifying the latch to accept both a trunk cable and an electric solenoid. I have most of the mechanics down (you have to separate the cable actuator from the solenoid) and the springs are giving me some concern.. If anyone is interested I'll post some pictures when I get it all figured out.
  16. JLBKY (John), thanks for input. Yes, your "tip" (thought I recognized the AOAI "Handle") on Home Depot was spot on - thanks! And, yes(!) I'd like some photos. Understand "weather" may get in the way of taking - that's OK, I plan to be around awhile. I'm particularly interested in knowing if you have all 11 pieces in your Avanti that I've identified. Particular photos of interest are, the brackets that hold up Item 1 in my sketch - both LH & RH sides if possible; interested in knowing how and where attached how Item 2 is installed (dressed) around the antenna does Item 9 have the hole for emergency release from someone locked inside the trunk (assumes that person took a screw driver with him!) photos showing that Items 6 & 7 are glued to the walls of the spare tire well ...and any other photos you think might be helpful. R2W55, glad you appreciate the info. The $70 piece you ordered - was it one piece to cover both sides? You are a brave person to take on the challenge of sanding and painting the inside surfaces of the quarter panels! I'd be stiff and sore about 5 minutes into the job! I wish you well! I believe your "equivalent" of Item 9 may be a molded plastic piece. I once had a '77 but wasn't into much more than getting it to run at the time. Long ago sold. Bill
  17. I too am surprised at the 128 number. I wonder who is counted - part time, sub-contract, etc. Of course, production did double between your time frame and the time for the question.
  18. Great article and information. I ordered a trunk carpet for my 78 from a Internet ad for $70 with shipping. While the carpet was excellent and it it fit perfectly it was only the floor piece. As I am doing a full restoration and the car is a 78 Avanti II and I am not too concerned about full authenticity as I would if it was 63 or 64. I decided to remove all the glue and sand the sides. I can see why they added the carpet as there was a lot of unsanded 'bondo' areas. I am painting the trunk a matching color of the car. I think it looks better than all the carpet pieces.
  19. Thanks for the replies everybody- to be frank I caved-in and am looking at buying them in as well as a rear frame crossmember.. Considering I have an engineering trade background it pains me to have to not be able to do this job, but I have a time limit on this project and another person is involved. Thanks all- Steve
  20. Bill, I've owned my Avanti (63R1348) for 48 years and it has the original trunk carpet, and even though I tipped you to my purchase of the Home Depot Carpet last year, I've never gotten around to redoing the trunk carpet. But I will someday. As far as know all the pieces are there. IF you would like photos or information regarding the original carpet in my car............just ask. More than willing to help. John Brissette
  21. Ed M

    Avanti Employees!

    I went to school in South Bend '66-70 and visited the plant a few times (took me 50 years to get one just last year) and didnl't think there were more then maybe 30 or so that you could see
  22. brad


    Out of the booth, and now on to the color sanding and buffing. It layed down pretty good, but there's always some dirt, no matter how careful. Then some urethane undercoating, and back on the frame. Black interior too. Lew...Help, where did my pics go???
  23. Bb I love the story. If true maybe it was a way of reducing costs. Keep digging. pb
  24. Last week
  25. mfg & Regnalbob, please see my post of today, link above, in '63 Avanti. You both appear to have early Avantis, what can you add about trunk carpeting?
  26. At the 2019 AOAI International Convention in Dayton, my curiosity was raised for understanding variances seen in Studebaker Avanti trunk carpeting. My intent is to help improve the quality and authenticity of both restored and maintained Studebaker Avantis and their pieces and parts. And, in summarizing my findings on both the SDC and AOAI forums, hopefully more clarity will evolve for the marque. Please see attached file for my summary to date. Thanks, BillyBob Avanti trunk carpet SDC AOAI February 2020.pdf
  27. I’m looking for an original paint and original upholstery Avanti. Doesn’t have to be nice right now but able to get to driving condition within a reasonable time frame. Mostly original paint and serviceable interior. Will consider a wide range of conditions as I know there aren’t a ton out there to choose from. As a side note, I test drove a turq/turq 64 R1 four speed back in the early seventies. It was in Orange, NJ at the time. Anybody know where that car might be? 513207 two three eight one Nelsonbove@gmail.com 513207twothree eight one
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