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  2. Sorry for the post. After looking again it is indeed on the neutral safety switch. the connector was loose.
  3. mfg


    Studebaker/Avanti accessory # AC 3284 is a .......?...... 1) Front Floormat.....2) Mudguard......3) Wheelcover 'Spinner'.....or.....4) License Plate Frame
  4. mfg

    Golden Award!

    When new, which model Studebaker won the "Universal Travel and Auto Sports Show Gold Cup" for exceptional style? 1) 1963 Gran Turismo Hawk.....2) 1955 President Speedster.....3) 1963 Avanti......or......4)1961 Hawk
  5. mfg

    Avanti R3858!

    Good thought!, however no, that's not it!
  6. Where is the switch that controls the backup lights in a 78? I thought it would be in the shifter housing but after taking that apart, no switch only the indicator light. Is it connected on the neutral safety switch on the column? I don't see it.
  7. Last week
  8. 1963r2

    Avanti R3858!

    Is that the one that was used in Gattica? pb
  9. I tried to put an FI Tech inside an R3 airbox. Altho Jeff Rice did show pics of this in a kind of dummy'd-up situation, I found it a bit challenging... was getting fairly expensive and taking a lot of time to sort thru what was available to make workarounds. I gave up. I believe Brad uses a Holley setup.
  10. Interesting thought,... I don't think I've ever heard that anyone's done this on a Stude avanti......Unsupercharged yes, but with the blower.... I don't know!
  11. mfg

    Avanti R3858!

    OK...however, that's not the big story......(and it seems that this Avanti has a BIG story!!)
  12. IMO, if you have to pay to have all of the work done, either live with your car as it is or sell it and buy something else. If you do farm the work out, at least have "time is of the essence" in the contract with a reasonable end date.
  13. You are asking the right questions. If you don't do your own work then turning to the experts is the best course of action. As far as selling and buying all over, you know this car, whereas another vehicle has unknowns. Your vehicle with a professional upgrade should give you the best of both worlds. I could probably take a wild guess at pricing but getting the numbers from your local pros will top any prices we supply.They can also discuss the SBC vs LS upgrade nuances. Avanti, Bob
  14. I do like the car, as I said it is a nice cruiser and is Quiet & Smooth driving, my wife likes that fact. I'm pretty sure it would not spin the tires on gravel and for sure you need to plan any accleration into traffic. It is a dog.,but looks good. I've kicked around selling it and buying something else already repowered and made quicker. Will attempt this week to investigate with the local hot rod shops to the cost and effort needed to swap in more power. As it is it runs as well as it can and has not given me a lick of problems power train wise. Have upgraded the radiator and now it runs cooler..
  15. It used to belong to Dan Skidmore....
  16. I guess a question I would have is at what point does the “make it special” factor get outweighed by the cost factor? My 305 certainly is no hot rod, but I wonder if the cost of an LS vs a crate 350, say 330 hp or so would make it that much more fun. Kind of limited by tires, suspension, and brakes at some point, but a LS would look good at show. I realize there is probably no right answer for this, but how about some of you with high hp conversions weighing in if you feel like you got a good bang for your buck. Thanks, Mike
  17. Tim Best to talk to Brad Bez. I believe he has done this a few times. In fact there might be a topic on this already, try the search function. pb
  18. Hi Folks, I have a 64 R2 and I've been wondering if anyone has converted (or seen a conversion) to a throttle body EFI system instead of the sealed Carter carb? If so, what was used and how'd it go? Thanks, Tim
  19. mfg

    Avanti R3858!

    No one remembers this Avanti?
  20. mfg

    Replacement Stude!

    Exactly correct... (again!)
  21. wdaly

    Avanti FRP!

    Hmmmm. You're not talking about the FRP manufacturer. Only FRP (generic) things I can think of is the different requirements necessary for the GM frame, maybe design reductions in number of parts needed, or ????
  22. mfg

    Avanti FRP!

    Exactly correct!
  23. mfg

    Avanti R4175

    Still wondering if this rare 'Avanti Black' Studebaker Avanti is out there somewhere? ( In 1975, R4175 was positioned right alongside my 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk, at the Greater New England Autorama Show held in Boston.......That Avanti was (then) 'As New'!)
  24. Avanti83

    Door keys

    On my 74 there was a key code penned on the fiberglass door panel under the door card. Not sure it would mean anything to a locksmith today anyhow. Take a cylinder to a locksmith, they will have the keys and expertise to make new ones or mod the lock to a new key.
  25. studegary

    Avanti FRP!

    FRP usually means fiberglass reinforced plastic. I bought a 1987 new and do not remember this term being used for anything else.
  26. 3) Sceptre (I would have bought one new.)
  27. mfg

    Door keys

    These would be standard GM door/trunk release cylinders & keys, which were used in that time period on Chevys, Buicks, etc.....Still very common......Another route to go would be to order two new aftermarket lock cylinders & keys on line......These are easy to R&R, and you'd then have brand new, unworn lock assemblies!........Ed
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