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  2. Personally, I'd drop in an LS but the most cost effective option is a crate 350/383. If you plan this option, I'd use the original computer control and find someone that can burn a new performance chip for the ECM. The current 305 chip will be underwhelming in it's control of the engine and possibly make it run just crappy. There used to be a number of folks that burned chips but a Google search should get you there. Remember you have basically a Chevrolet engine control system so whatever fits them should work in yours. I uses the Camaro ARAP control code in my 91 350 I put in my 54 Stude and it runs well using the OEM harness and computer modified for the setup. Please don't convert to a standard carb setup, if you do you will need to change the distributor and buy a controller for the transmission which is a pricey option. It's a nice car and deserves to perform as well as it looks.
  3. Mods like this would appeal to some....however, would be questioned by most.....Going with a traditional 350 CI small block Chevy keeps the originality of this nice Avanti convertible intact at resale time.
  4. Interesting the head gasket failed while the car was stored.....I've read that a similar thing happened to the R3 engine in George Krem's 'Plain Brown Wrapper' Lark. I wonder if this problem is more common in Stude V8's than other types?.....and if there's a way of avoiding this type of head gasket failure?.....Ed
  5. It's your car...future resale value is your decision...not ours. Post-Studebaker Avantis don't usually see much, if any difference in values with an engine change as long as it's done correctly. A crate engine 350/383 would essentially be a drop-in with little modifications necessary...if any. If you really want to make it special...get a GM LS-based engine installed. While there would be some mods necessary it's been done before so it's not an unknown quantity...they're plentiful and easily found...less weight and outstanding performance.
  6. Interesting question!...I agree the 305's run OK, but really don't have much "snap"!......In my opinion, the Chevy 350 seems to be the replacement engine of choice for later Avantis....and, if anything, I feel a fresh 350 would only increase the value of your Avanti! Unlike the Studebaker Avantis, "numbers matching" original engines don't seem to mean much on the later cars, and, I suppose if you wanted, you could save the original engine anyway! PS.........Your Avanti is really gorgeous!...I'd sure like to own an Avanti convertible someday!....Good luck!.....Ed
  7. mfg

    Egbert's Brother!

    You got it!.....Willard Egbert
  8. mfg

    Avanti Employee!

    No, he didn't road test the cars!
  9. Willard......................
  10. I do not think that the change would have much of an effect on the value of the car in either direction. Some will like the change and some won't. If it runs good, I would leave it alone and just enjoy it for what it is/does. Part of the answer lies in how long you plan on keeping the car. It is built to be a cruiser, not a sports or muscle car.
  11. Have a 48,000 mile 1991 Avanti Conv that is in really nice looking shape. Has a few minor issues like the a/c doesn't work, but overall is really nice. It has the 305 slug of a motor, that runs perfectly just not really powerful and lacks the get up and go. I've toyed with the idea of pulling that 305 and dropping in a 350/or 383 chevy with some real power, changing the rear axle ratio and making it a fun hot rod. Need some opinions on if this will kill any resale value or ?? make it more desireable. As it is it gets a lot of thumbs up and is fun to drive, as it is quiet and comfortable and no rattles or odd noises.
  12. Selling the 289 R1 engine complete with AC and P/S from my '63 Avanti R-2185, and Power-Shift trans. with torque converter, cross member and driveshaft. A head gasket failed while the car was garaged and water damaged one cylinder, so a standard overhaul will be needed. The car ran and drove fine until then, with no other repairs needed. Selling the complete engine, less the ignition shields, aluminum water pump pulley and air cleaner assy., which are available separately. Includes the York compressor, power steering pump, AFB, nice valve covers, etc. Upgrades include Honda alternator, Chrysler electronic ignition. The transmission will need new seals and gaskets. $1100 for the engine and $400 for the trans. Pick up only in Brunswick, GA. I have many other excellent parts from this car that I will list in another post. Ed Lanier 912-223-48 eight one. Text first.
  13. I am going to guess 4) final road test. That would be for 158 Avantis built for that year.
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  15. mfg

    Avanti R3858!

    So what's so special about Studebaker Avanti R3858?
  16. mfg

    Avanti ll RQB2653!

    ANSWER....1978 Chicago New Car Auto Show Avanti factory display car!
  17. In 1989, eighty one year old Mel Sesse, who worked at Avanti Automotive Corp., was called "the world's oldest active automaker"...his job there was .........?...... 1) interior upholstery......2) engine set-up & tune......3) dashboard assembly.....4) final road testing
  18. mfg

    Avanti Black R3!

    Sorry, the answer here is false.....Although Bove's Avanti has all the correct R3 performance mods, these were done by the Granatellis after Studebaker closed. Absolutely gorgeous car!
  19. I do not know his car, but I will guess true since I seem to remember that two of the nine were black.
  20. Koni shock absorbers were standard equipment on 1989 Avantis..........True?
  21. mfg

    Avanti Paint!

    The + point value of an Avanti having original factory paint (in authenticity judging at St. Louis, 2019) was .....?...... points. 1) five......2) ten.......3) twenty......or......4) twenty five
  22. Sherwood Egbert's brother's name was .......?...... Egbert. 1) Stanley......2) Richard......3) Harold.....or.....4) Willard
  23. The Black 1964 R3 Studebaker Avanti which Nels Bove displayed at the 2019 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is one of the nine 'production' Studebaker Avanti R3's..........True?
  24. mfg

    Avanti Strato-Vue!

    That's what I would have picked, however, the CORRECT answer is just the opposite.......#4, 3,500!
  25. For a Studebaker item, I would think that the number would be low, so I will say 1) 900.
  26. Yes, pushing grease up against that (pain in the neck!) fuel pump pushrod is one way of keeping it 'up' and out of the way, actually, on the early small block Chevys a long bolt could be temporarilly screwed in from outside of the block to hold the pushrod in place. (That hole was eliminated in later engines) However, the application of grease inside the pump itself (where the arm pivots) is a different matter!
  27. It was my understanding that grease was supposed to be packed up inside the opening where the lever contacts the pushrod to keep it from falling down while inserting the pump arm (Avanti II)
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